Wonderful DB-3828U (24 Litre Durable Polymer) Dry Box
Wonderful DB-3828U (24 Litre Durable Polymer) Dry Box

Wonderful DB-3828U (24 Litre Durable Polymer) Dry Box



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Key Features

  • Strong and durable industrial plastic
  • Opaque design to prevent others from seeing what is inside
  • Great storage option for camera gear, lenses and other valuables
  • Electronic dehumidifier to set the humidity levels
  • 24 L Capacity


An affordable solution to keep your gears always dry. No matter where you are!


  • No need 24 hours electrical power supply.
  • Analog RH Gauge
  • Highly portable for always on the move photographers. Suitable to place in the car boot.
  • Durable polymer offers added protections while on the move.
  • Most affordable drying solution in the market.
  • Best for beginners!

(Dehumidifier and strap Included)

This re-chargeable moisture absorber is designed to absorb moisture in a closed container or dry box. It can be simply re-charged and re-used again.
Power Consumption : 16W  AC110V-240V      Moisture Indicator : Blue = Dry ; Pink = Wet

Operation Instruction:

Step 1: Insert the power cable to the Absorber and connect the power cable to main AC power point. Red LED indicator will light up while charging.  It will take about 2-3 hours to charge and dry up the silica gels.
Step2: Once the silica gels changed from pink to blue colour, Unplug the power cable and let it rest for about 10-15 minutes to cool down.
Step 3: Place the Absorber into the dry box or container to absorb the moisture. Do not connect the Absorber to power point while using the unit.
Step 4: (In the future) Repeat step 1 & 2  to re-charge the Absorber once the silicate beads become pink colour.
Step 5: Put the absorber into your dry box with your camera gear. Monitor for humidity between 45-55% and redry as necessary to maintain the humidity

External dimensions: 380 x W280 x H270 mm

* This product is not water resistant.  Please keep it away from rain or wet areas.
* Do not place the Absorber in a closed container while charging as the unit will heat up.
* Only charge the Absorber in a well ventilated environment.
* Do not charge the absorber over 3 hours or overnight to avoid overheating the unit

1 x Wonderful DB-3828U (24 Litre Durable Polymer) Dry Box
1 x Electronic moisture-absorbing silica gel

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