Wimberley F-2 Macro Combo Flash Bracket

Wimberley F-2 Macro Combo Flash Bracket



Shopping Point 4.975 = RM4.98

Wimberley F-2 Macro Combo Flash Bracket

Wimberley has a system of flash bracket components that are modular, versatile and easily stowed in a small space when not in use.  Known as the Shape-Shifter Modular Flash Bracket System, the components connect without tools.  None of the combinations slip, twist or creep-even during intense action.  They're integrated with the venerable Arca-Swiss type quick release system, now dominant as the industry standard for macro and telephoto shooting.

Combo 2 consists of modules 1 & 4 and combines to make an extremely adjustable macro bracket for both collared and non-collared lenses. Perfect for the minimalist to use with everything from a squat 50mm macro lens to a monster 600mm supertelephoto. As with all of the Shape Shifter components, and unlike other manufactuerer's products, parts are captive to prevent detachment from accidentally unscrewing them too far while in the field. Total weight of this combination is 0.88 lb.


Wimberley Combo 2 Macro Combo Flash Bracket
  • Module 1 M-1 Quick Release Arm
  • Module 4 M-4 Macro Extension Arm

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