Walkera QR X350 Pro RTF4 with DEVO F7 + 2 x Battery + Charger + Gimbal G-2D + iLook Camera (Ready to Fly!)
Walkera QR X350 Pro RTF4 with DEVO F7 + 2 x Battery + Charger + Gimbal G-2D + iLook Camera (Ready to Fly!)

Walkera QR X350 Pro RTF4 with DEVO F7 + 2 x Battery + Charger + Gimbal G-2D + iLook Camera (Ready to Fly!)



1 Year Walkera Warranty

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Key Features

  • Latest GPS control system
  • 1 km control range and video range
  • Flight time up to 25 minutes
  • Equipped with brushless gimbal
  • Professional 10 channel radio makes control range reach 2km
  • Equipped with professional gimbal, support iLOOK / GoPro HERO3 / SONY HDR-AS30V
  • DEVO-M is a multi-axis control platform designed for aerophotography hobbyist
  • High capacity battery makes flight time up to 25 minutes
  • 5.8GHz image transmission range reaches 2km
  • 2.4G WiFi HD transmission image range reaches 400m

The Walkera QR X350 Quad-Copter is the new "People's Multi-Rotor", regardless of experience this is the perfect fit for everyone, its feature packed with GPS and compass sensors. There are flight modes for every type of flyer, from the cinematographer capturing a sunset with the optional GoPro mount utilizing the smooth stabilized flight mode with GPS and altitude holding or a beginner that gets a little disorientated utilizing the “One Key to Home” feature. All the functions selectable from a single easy to reach switch. It is apparent that Walkera has spent a great deal on R&D to create this sensational multi-rotor. Anyone can be successful with this easy to use ready to fly Quad-Copter.

The QR X350 has an enhanced altitude sensor which adopts GPS technology allowing it to work out its exact position in reference to the world, this allows the QR X350 to hover in a stabilized position hold mode. With a simple one switch flip or loss of signal the QR X350 will fly itself back to its take of position and land! And of course there is the manual mode for the sport flyer, there is even an onboard low voltage warning system to alert you when it’s time to land.

The QR X350 comes with everything you need to get in the air from the 3 cell 2200mh LiPoly battery and balance charger, spare props and the high end fully programmable multiple model capable 7ch Walkera Devo F7 7 Channel LCD Display FPV Camera Transmitter! When you compare the specs to other ready to fly GoPro capable quad copters and overall value, backed with Wakera’s proven quality AND free shipping to anywhere in the world, it's easy to see that the QR X350 is the best "bang for the buck" quadcopter on the market today!

The optional GoPro camera mount and spare parts are available separately.

*Note: This is the new version with the USB port on the flight controller for future updatability, a separate Walkera USB adapter (UP02) will be required for connection to your PC.


  • Item Name: QR X350 Pro RTF4 with DEVO F7
  • Fight time: up to 25 minutes
  • Battery:  11.1V 5200mAH lithium-polymer battery


 Main Rotor Diameter
 Main Rotor Blade Length 232mm
 Length 289mm
 Width 289mm
 Height 205mm
 Brushless Motor spec
 Brushless ESC spec  WST-15A (G/R)
 Receiver DEVO-RX703A
 Battery (option)
 11.1V 5200mAh LiPo
 Experience Level
 Completion Level
 Recommended Environment Indoor/Outdoor

iLook Camera Specifications

  • HD resolution
  • high cost performance, FPV camera
  • lightweight and smart design
  • 5.8G FPV wireless transmission
  • low latency and long range FPV
  • support output Micro SD card
  • support video and camera
  • support wireless video link to 5.8G radio, OSD device, Iphone, Ipad
  • support G-2D brushless gimble, convenient to use, plug and play
  • Support 5.8G FPV radio DEVO F7 to get the live video
  • Photo: 1000000 pixels
Walkera QR X350 Pro RTF4 with DEVO F7
  • 1 x Devo F7 Transmitter
  • G-2D brushless gimbal
  • iLook camera
  • 1 x RX703 Receiver
  • 1 x Li-Po Battery Charger
  • 2 x 11.1V 5200mAh Battery
  • Instruction manual
  • 5.8G Mushroom Antenna for iLook

Reviews Walkera QR X350 Pro RTF4 with DEVO F7 + 2 x Battery + Charger + Gimbal G-2D + iLook Camera (Ready to Fly!)

Nice quadcopter. Easy to assemble. Just read the instructions. Flys nice with GPS Altitude Hold and Return Home. No problem even you are beginner. Only thing is charger takes 14 hours to charge quadcopter and transmitter battery. Maybe, need a more powerful charger. Anyway, thanks for the excellent service.
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