Voeloon V600N Speedlight for Nikon I-TTL Auto Zooming TTL
Voeloon V600N Speedlight for Nikon I-TTL Auto Zooming TTL

Voeloon V600N Speedlight for Nikon I-TTL Auto Zooming TTL



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Key Features

  • TTL Auto Exposure
  • LED backlit LCD display
  • High flash guide number: GN50 (ISO100, 180mm)
  • Auto/ Manual zoom (24-180mm)
  • Multi function (1-100HZ)
  • Supports Front-curtain / Rear curtain sync
  • Supports red-eye reduction flash mode
  • Dual Overheating protection system
  • Supports an External power source / PC sync

Support Nikon I-TTL
Automatically determines the appropriate flash output by the actual light amount of the lens of camera, high precision; Combined with ± 3 fine-tune light output and power zoom function of the V600 flash lamp ,allowing you to capture your favorite moments easily.

Compatible with Nikon wireless creative lighting system(master/slave mode)
For master unit,V600 N can control Nikon SB-700/800/900,Voeloon V200/600N.
For slave unit,V600 N can receive signals from Voeloon V600 N,Nikon SB-700/800/900/910,SU-800 and Nikon camera commander function.

Stroboscopic system
Strobe flash is also called chain lighting,by means of continuous flash, in a picture recording dynamic continuous motion process.With the V600 fastest 100Hz,slowest 1Hz strobe shooting,the picture can be left dozens of overlapping mages,these regular intervals generated image can give a strong sense of rhythm perception , the scene of solidification in a picture visual effects than usual with the naked eye can not be see.

Fast recycling time
Wonderful presents in an instant and disappears also at the moment.V600 can cope it easily, when use of Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries (Ni-MH), to complete charging for only two seconds (1/1 output level); when use of alkaline batteries, to complete charging for only five seconds.

Large capacity electrical storage system
Whether the flashlight leak flash when you capture your favorite photograph? The reason is the lack of rechargeable electrical energy , and Voeloon V600 can help you to resolve this difficulty. Equipped with Voeloon 1400UF 360V high-quality capacitors and import charging and discharging chips, formed into a strong power supply and electricity storage systems.Three photographs can be in continues shooting with 1/4 output level.

Sound monitoring system
When capture the wonderful scene absorbedly, the sound monitoring system of V600 would prompt you the status, just to know "charging complete" “Flash completed” "low battery warning” “xenon lamp overheating protection" by your ears. You can also turn off this feature in a quiet occasion temporarily.

High-definition LCD and LED backlit
HD LCD displays more clear and complete information to you, the operation and flash status would be more directly. LED backlit help you use at night, which is more convenient and smaller power consumption.

Xenon lamp overheating protection system
Xenon lamp overheating often shorten the life of the flashlight, the V600  flashlight is with overheat protection system for you, enter the overheat protection mode automatically when the temperature sensing system senses that the xenon lamp reaches a certain high temperature; In addition, the V600 enters overheating protection mode when the number of continuous firing beyongd 25 times at 1/1 level. The double protection has an effect on extending the life of the flashlight.

High-temperature insulation
The moment operating temperature of the xenon lamp can be up to hundreds of Celsius degrees, if there is no protective measures, it likes to cause the lamp optical lenses to turn yellow or accelerate ageing, seriously affecting the flash effect. The V600 flashlight, connect the high-temperature insulation glass in front of the xenon lamp, so that the high temperature is isolated, and ensuring that its light transmission is not affected, to ensure the flash effect perfect.

Metal mounting foot
V600 flashlight use pure copper metal mounting foot design, effective solute the wear and tear of the mounting foot caused by the demolished, and it is more solid.

Auxiliary focus system
When light is not enough, V600 flash lamp’s dual af-assist beam emitter will work immediately.

Light lead flashing system
Support application of multi-lamp light (S1/S2 lead flash mode).

Advanced application
You can set Exposure compensation、Exposure bracketing、Front/Rear-curtain sync of external flash,and it supports Red-eye reduction flash mode、FV LOCK、Power saving mode.

Dimensions 7.7 x 2.3 x 3 inches
Weight 1.1 pounds

Voeloon V600N Speedlight for Nikon I-TTL Auto Zooming TTL

  • Pouch
  • Flash Stand
  • User Manual

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Voeloon V600N Speedlight for Nikon I-TTL Auto Zooming TTL
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Voeloon V600N Speedlight for Nikon I-TTL Auto Zooming TTL