Varavon Slidecam S 900
Varavon Slidecam S 900

Varavon Slidecam S 900



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Key Features

  • 3 ft Camera Slider with 42 lb Capacity
  • Horizontal, Sloped, and Vertical Shots
  • Indexed Aluminum Track Bed
  • 3 Threaded Mounting Holes
  • Chrome-Plated Steel-Track Rails
  • Tension Adjustment on Slider Platform
  • 3/8"-16 Mounting Screw
  • Integrated Bubble Level and Brake
  • Height Adjustable Legs
  • Rail Cleaning Device and Carrying Bag

The Varavon Slidecam S 900 is a camera slider that supports up to 42 pounds. The track is 3 feet long and just under 2 inches wide. The slider can be used for horizontal and sloped tracking and dolly shots, or with available support, you can configure the slider track vertically to get a crane effect. The slider's track bed is made from aluminum for light weight and durability, and it features inch markings for repeatable start and stop points. The track bed also features 3 threaded mounting holes that you can use with available tripods or supports. The track rails are are 8 mm in diameter and made from steel so they are strong and feature a corrosion resistant chrome-plated finish.

The slider platform rides on three wheels with sealed bearings, and it is captive in the track bed. This allows you to flip the track over and get that inverted shot, without worrying that the platform will fall off the tracks. The center bearing is adjustable, which allows you to vary the tension and affect how freely the platform glides on the rails. The platform features a 3/8"-16 mounting screw, with a thumb-wheel at the side of the platform. This allows you to tighten the head to the platform by turning the mounting screw and not spinning the head. The platform also features an integrated bubble level and brake.

For ground level or tabletop shots, a removable leg system with adjustable feet provides leveling and two points of articulation so you can support the slider on almost any hard surface, smooth or uneven. The included rail cleaning device snugly fits on the rails and cleans them of debris, so you can avoid pitting the rails or track wheels. The included carry bag and shoulder strap allow you to pack up and take your slider with you, making it a completely portable solution.
Mounting Screw 3/8"-16
Material of ConstructionAluminum
Length 36" (914 cm)
Width 1.9" (47 mm)
Rail Diameter 0.3" (8 mm)
Mounting Holes Track Bed

3 x 3/8"-16

1 x 1/4"-20

End Caps

3 x 3/8"-16 per end cap

3 x 1/4"-20 per end cap

Feet 2 x removable feet
Load Capacity 42 lb (19 kg)
Index Markers Inch
Weight 12.6 lb (5.7 kg)
Varavon Slidecam S 900
  • 2 x Removable Legs
  • Pouch for the Legs
  • Oil Seal for Cleaning the Rails
  • 3 x Hex Wrench
  • Tension Wrench
  • Carrying Bag
  • Shoulder Strap for Carrying Bag
  • User Manual
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    Varavon Slidecam S 900
    Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
    Varavon Slidecam S 900