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Home » USED Corner » SOLD » [USED] Fujifilm F660EXR FinePix Digital Camera (Black) (Brand New in Box!)
[USED] Fujifilm F660EXR FinePix Digital Camera (Black) (Brand New in Box!)
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Brand FujiFilm
Category SOLD
Model # U-FF-F660EXR-BLK-SSK
Condition Used
Currency MYR | USD
1 Year FujiFilm Warranty
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Price (RM1,190.00)
Shopping Point 3.750 points = RM3.75
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Brand new in Box! Opened box to check content only!

The Fujifilm FinePix F660EXR Digital Camera (Black) is a point-and-shoot digital still and video camera that can capture up to 16 megapixel still images, as well as Full HD 1920 x 1080p video at 30 frames per second (fps). The camera features a 16MP back side illuminated 1/2.0" EXR CMOS image sensor with a primary color filter. It also features an EXR processor and EXR Auto, which supports 103 shooting patterns with motion detection. The innovative motion detection instantly recognizes 58 different scene types and will automatically optimize every setting it can to create a high-contrast and crisp still image.

The F660EXR is equipped with an integrated Fujinon 15x optical zoom lens (24mm wide-angle). Plus, for getting close to the action from far off is not a problem. If the 15x optical zoom isn't enough, the camera features a 30x intelligent digital zoom as well. Another shooting aid standard on the FinePix are dual image stabilizers. There are both CMOS Shift and High ISO image stabilization onboard, which ensures that your shots stay in-focus, crisp and clear - even at 15x zoom. This latest offering from Fujifilm also boasts a faster start-up time of 1.3 seconds, an improved response time of 0.8 seconds, and a high-speed auto focus that can get the shot totally focused in as little as 0.16 seconds. It almost seems too fast to believe.

While you're out shooting, the FinePix affords high-speed continuous shooting, as well as 320fps high-speed movie shooting. Plus, the camera is also equipped with an intuitive control palette, pop-up automatic flash and a sharp 3.0" LCD color display for easy recording and instant playback. The LCD even features a Monitor Sunlight Mode, which is a setting that helps you see your display even under intense sunlight without the need for a hood or other sun-blocking apparatus. The FinePix is even capable of capturing 3D shots with Individual Shutter 3D shooting.

The features list of the FinePix F660EXR is virtually endless. Besides improving your shot setup, the camera can also widen your artistic scope. It will let you create multiple exposures in a single frame and you can also use the camera to create sweeping Motion Panorama 360 shots that stretch a full 360° all the way around your vantage point. There's even a Film Simulation Mode, Advanced Pro Low Light Mode, Image Processing function and several standard filters choose from including black-and-white, sepia and more. Finally, when you're ready to upload and share your stills and video clips, you can share your images using the camera's built-in social networking, which affords easy uploading onto YouTube and Facebook. If you want to share shots with your immediate friends and family, an HDMI port makes connecting to your HDTV a breeze.

Fujinon 15x Optical Zoom Lens & 30x Intelligent Digital Zoom
Conventional digital zoom basically only resizes the optical image data, often resulting in lack of definition, but Intelligent Digital Zoom uses the speed and power of the EXR Processor to instantly sharpen image edges and reduce noise for images with natural clarity and crispness of detail across the digital zoom range
Image Stabilization (CMOS Shift + High ISO)
Long telephoto shots usually suffer from camera shake and subject movement which can ruin photos by producing blurred results. The FinePix F660EXR's highly effective CMOS-Shift and High ISO image stabilization ensures that your shots stay extra-crisp and clear, even at the full 15x zoom
Faster So You Never Miss a Moment
Turn the power on and start recording in 1.3 seconds. Plus, the camera's shot-to-shot delay is only 0.8 seconds, and to top it off the high-speed AF can focus in just 0.16 seconds
High Speed Continuous Shooting
Capture action at almost 8fps at full 16-megapixel resolution or shoot at 11fps at 8-megapixel resolution
High Speed Movie
Sometimes things happen too fast for you to see them properly with your own eyes. The FinePix F660EXR can freeze the action at up to an amazing 320fps. You'll be able to see every single minute detail and watch things happening step by step in slow motion
Best Frame Capture Mode
Timing your shot is ever so easy with Best Frame Capture. Half-press the shutter and the FinePix F660EXR starts recording photos at 11fps at 8-megapixel resolution. When the moment happens, fully press the shutter button and the camera captures up to 16 frames including pre-recorded frames, giving you the opportunity to select the best shot
Intuitive Control Palette
The FinePix F660EXR delivers a powerful array of functions and features in a slim dynamic design. The sleek form molds to your hand with all buttons and controls just where your fingers expect them to be. Plus, there's a useful mode dial, command dial, pop-up flash, EXR CMOS for extreme imaging technology and a non-slip grip
High-Contrast 3.0" LCD Display with Monitor Sunlight Mode
When bright sunlight makes composing or viewing the monitor difficult, you can use the Fn button to easily switch to the new "Monitor Sunlight Mode" and enjoy comfortable framing and review of shots on the large 3.0" high-contrast 460,000 dot LCD display
Fujinon Lens Technology
Capturing your moments in exquisite distortion-free detail, the outstanding resolution of Fujinon lenses is the product of advanced lens design supported by original high precision lens engineering and processing technologies. Plus, the lens is a high-precision molded glass aspheric lens, which reduces distortion at wide angles and improves resolution in both center and edge areas. The Fujinon is also an extra-low dispersion glass lens, which minimizes chromatic aberration dramatically
Double Sliding Structured Lens Technology
Fujinon's Double Sliding Structured Lens Technology empowers you with both 15x zoom and 24mm wide angle in a stylish pocket-sized compact. Twelve lens elements smoothly telescope and slide into position to bring you closer to your subject for shots like never before
Fujinon Optical Excellence
Acclaimed by imaging professionals, Fujinon molds its high-precision aspheric lenses from extra-low dispersion glass to deliver superior resolution and low color aberration. An originally developed Super Electronic Beam Coating is applied to minimize ghosting, flare and purple fringe. In addition, Double Sliding Structured Lens Technology empowers you with clear 15x zoom and 24mm super-wide angle.
EXR Auto 103 Shooting Patterns with Motion Detection
The EXR Auto with new Motion Detection instantly recognizes 58 scene types, automatically optimizes every setting from exposure to white balance, and even switches to the ideal sensor mode: HR High Resolution for well-lit conditions, SN High Sensitivity/Low Noise mode for low light and DR Dynamic Range mode for high-contrast scenes
Advanced Anti Blur x SN
Just as your eye strives to make dark scenes as bright and detailed as possible, High Sensitivity & Low Noise Priority takes advantage of high sensitivity and FinePix's original pixel binning technology to capture the subject with exceptional brightness and minimal noise
Advanced Anti Blur
When shooting dark scenes, Advanced Anti Blur adds the power of EXR CMOS and Multi Frame technology to combine 4 frames into a single, sharp blur-free image with remarkably low noise
Advanced Scene Recognition
The pioneering EXR Auto with Night (tripod) capability to virtually reduce subject blur in lighting conditions. Thanks to Motion Detection, the available shooting types come from recognized scenes and automatically optimized EXR modes
Face Tracking AF
Combining Face Detection with Tracking auto focus, the Face Tracking AF uses the accelerated auto focus of FinePix F660EXR to find and lock onto the face of your subject without any manual setting. All you have to do is keep the subject in frame and later amaze friends and family with the crisply focused results. By enabling the Face Detection Mode, F660EXR will automatically detect and track human faces continuously
Super High Quality Full HD Movies
The FinePix F660EXR maximizes high sensitivity to capture exceptionally crisp and colorful full HD video in 1920 x 1080p at 30fps with impressive stereo sound, even in low-light conditions. AF will instantly capture the object, even allow 15x zoom ups during your recordings. The camera supports one-touch recording, H.264 high-profile format, film simulation setting and it can even take photos during a recording
RP (Real Photo) Technology
BSI (Back Side Illuminated) EXR CMOS sensor is a ground-breaking breakthrough in image quality. 16-megapixels is an impressive number and it also delivers a leap in resolution, but the real difference is in the Real Photo technology
EXR Pixel Array & Color Array
The unique EXR pixel and color arrays are key to image quality. Rotated by 45°, the EXR pixel array increases both horizontal and vertical resolution. By using the diagonally-aligned twin pixels of the same color, the sensor can switch between HR (High Resolution), DR (Wide Dynamic Range) and SN (High Sensitivity and Low Noise) modes depending on the scene, ensuring that every moment is captured with the highest image quality
EXR Processor
Harnessing the high-speed performance of the BSI EXR CMOS sensor, the Dual CPU, EXR Core and Reconfigurable Processor power a host of functions including high-sensitivity HD movies and continuous shooting as well as expanded scene recognition and Pro Modes while the new Vector Graphics Accelerator drives the enhanced image quality of the rich GUI
3D Shooting with Individual Shutter 3D
To enjoy the 3D shooting function, just shoot the subject from one position and then use the display overlay as a guide for taking the second shot from a different angle. FinePix F660EXR does the rest all in camera. You can view MPO format image data on a compatible PC, share your results as a 3D-Print or even display it on a 3D Digital Viewer (sold separately)
Multiple Exposures
Multiple exposure function lets you superimpose two different exposures in a single frame to create artful, one-of-a-kind photos
Motion Panorama 360
Just sweep the camera right-left or up-down to shoot giant panoramas up to 360°. When you view the panorama playing back on your camera or personal computer, you can enjoy a seamless panorama image with both ends stitched together to create a "cylinder" view
Super Intelligent Flash
Take flash-assisted shots without flash washout. The Super Intelligent Flash system ensures that all subjects are captured in bright clear detail over the full flash range (even in macro shots)
Image Processing Function of Multi Frame Composition
This focus-bracketing mode emulates the gentle, out-of-focus background look of a DSLR when shooting portraits or macro subjects. A single press of the shutter first takes an exposure focused on the main subject, then additional exposures at different focus points. This produces a final image emphasizing the sharply focused subject against a soft, out-of-focus background
Advanced Pro Low-light Mode
Ideal for shooting non-moving subjects in low light, this mode automatically takes a series of four high-sensitivity & low-noise exposures and then combines them into an image with less noise than the single exposures
Film Simulation Mode
Simulate the distinctive look of 5 different types with just a touch of a button. Modeled on Fujifilm brands loved by professional photographers, each breathes life into your image with a quality that previously only film could capture. Enjoy the PROVIA / Standard Mode, Velvia / Vivid Mode, ASTIA / Soft Mode, Black-and-White Mode or Sepia Mode
Face Recognition
The FinePix F660EXR not only detects faces in a frame but it can also recognize who is who. You can register up to 8 people in your camera and next time you take a photo of them it will bring up their name and optimize settings in favor of your registered faces. In playback, you can search for all photos containing registered faces to quickly find photos of your favorites
Dog / Cat Detection
By incorporating Dog / Cat Detection function, the FinePix F660EXR is able to detect dog or cat faces, optimizing focus and exposure for pet photos that will delight everyone. An auto-release function can also be selected to automatically shoot the photo when the pet is looking directly at the camera
Film Simulation Bracketing
One press of the shutter produces three images of PROVIA, Velvia and ASTIA modes
AE Bracketing
Continuous capture of three frames with exposure range of up to ±1.0EV
Dynamic Range Bracketing
One press of the shutter produces three images in a different dynamic range of 100, 200 or 400%
Share Images with Built-In Social Networking
Don't wait until you get home to start choosing which pictures to upload to Facebook. Start the process in camera by tagging the pictures you want to share. The next time you connect to your home computer your images will upload automatically. The same goes for movie clips too, which can also be uploaded to YouTube. Plus, you can use MyFinePix to automatically search for previous unloaded images to upload on to your PC and the Internet
Favorites Rank
Sort your favorite photos tagged by star ratings from 0 through 5. Quickly search for favorite pictures depending on the rank using image search
Photobook Assist
Create a photo album in your camera. Easily accessible and mobile, you can share images with family and friends anytime, anywhere. Installed in-camera, you can create a Photobook folder where tagged images will be stored and organized accordingly. Your Photobook can also be ordered online for print when connected to the Internet, as well as when you go to stores to get your photos printed (images can easily be sorted when tagged)
Playback Functions
With the convenient Image Search Function, you can search pictures by Date, Face, Favorite Rank, Scene, Type of Data, Upload Mark and GPS Location Name
Micro Thumbnail View & Slideshow
Up to 100 pictures can be viewed at a time in a 10 x 10 array of micro thumbnails. This is convenient for smooth and comfortable playback. You can also share images where close-ups of detected faces will be shown as a slideshow
SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot
The versatile card slot is compatible with high-capacity Secure Digital (SDHC/SDXC) memory cards
Optional Waterproof Case (Sold Separately)
Dive into another world of photography. Protected by the optional waterproof case (sold separately), advanced EXR technology captures a beauty and vivid colors of the undersea world in stunning photos
Maximum resolution 4608 x 3456
Other resolutions 4608 x 3072, 4608 x 2592, 3264 x 2448, 3264 x 1840, 2304 x 1728, 2304 x 1536, 1920 x 1080
Image ratio (w:h) 4:3, 3:2, 16:9
Effective pixels 16.0 megapixels
Sensor size 1/2" (6.4 x 4.8 mm)
Sensor type EXRCMOS
Processor EXR
ISO Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 (6400 and 12800 with boost)
White balance presets 7
Custom white balance Yes (1)
Image stabilization Sensor-shift
JPEG quality levels Fine, Normal
Focal length (equiv.) 24 - 360 mm
Optical zoom 15x
Autofocus Contrast Detect (sensor)
Face Detection
Digital zoom Yes (2x)
Manual focus No
Normal focus range 45 cm (17.72")
Macro focus range 5 cm (1.97")
Lens mount No
Articulated LCD No
Screen size 3"
Screen dots 460,000
Touch screen No
Live view Yes
Viewfinder type No
Maximum aperture F3.5 - F5.3
Minimum shutter speed 8 sec
Maximum shutter speed 1/2000 sec
Aperture priority Yes
Shutter priority Yes
Manual exposure mode Yes
Subject / scene modes Yes
Built-in flash Yes
Flash range 3.2 m (Wide: 3.2 m/5.9in / Tele: 90 cm-1.9 m)
External flash No
Flash modes Auto, On, Off, Red-eye, Slow Sync
Self-timer Yes (2 or 10 sec, Auto release, Auto shutter (Dog, Cat)
Metering modes Multi
Exposure compensation ±2 EV (at 1/3 EV steps)
AE Bracketing At 1/3 EV, 2/3 EV, 1 EV steps
WB Bracketing No
Format MPEG-4
Microphone Stereo
Speaker Stereo
Resolutions 1920 x 1080 (30 fps), 1280 x 720 (30 fps), 640 x 480 (30 fps)
Storage types SD/SDHC/SDXC
Storage included 25 MB
USB USB 2.0 (480Mbit/sec)
HDMI Yes (mini)
Wireless No
Remote control No
Environmentally sealed No
Battery Type Lithium-ion NP-50A rechargeable battery and charger
Battery Life (CIPA) 300
Orientation sensor Yes
Timelapse recording No
Dimensions (W x H x D) 103.5 x 59.2 x 32.6 mm / 4.0 x 2.3 x 1.2 in
(Minimum depth: 22.9mm / 0.9in.)
Weight 217g / 7.6oz. (including battery and memory card)
196g / 6.9oz. (excluding battery and memory card)
Fujifilm FinePix F660EXR Digital Camera (Black)
  • Battery Charger (BC-45W)
  • Lithium-Ion Battery (NP-50A)
  • Hand Strap
  • USB Cable
  • AV Cable
  • CD-ROM
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