Trade In

1. Trade In for CASH! Sell to ShaShinKi®!

Trade in your used equipment for CASH! Send your equipment to us, we will check/test and offer you our BUY IN price.


  1. Download  ShaShinKi® Trade In Form below.
  2. Fill up the form, photocopy your IC, and send (remember to insure it) together with your equipment to ShaShinKi®'s address as per the form.
  3. We will email you with our Offered Price and an unique CCA number once we received your equipment.

Your equipment will be inspected in the order that it was received. If you agreed to our offered price, we will pay you the money within 7 days. If we do not reach an agreement, you can decide to consign your equipment at our store (you set the selling price) or we will immediately return your equipment at our expense, fully insured.

ShaShinKi Trade In  Form (PDF)

2. Consign at ShaShinKi®! You Set the Selling Price!

Consignment is to put your used equipment at ShaShinKi®'s USED CORNER. You set your desire selling price, no fee is being charged until your equipment is sold.


  1. Download  ShaShinKi® Consignment Form below.

  2. Fill up the form, photocopy your IC, and post together with your consigned item/s to ShaShinKi®'s address as per the form.

  3. You will receive an email notification from ShaShinKi® with an unique CCA number once we received your consignment.

Consignment Fee (Only if Your Product is Sold!):

  • Below RM200 = RM50
  • RM200 ~ RM499 = RM80
  • RM500 ~ RM999 = RM100
  • RM1000 ~ RM1999 = RM150.00
  • RM2000 ~ RM4999 = RM250.00
  • RM5000 and Above = 5% of final selling price

Turn Your Unused Item into CASH Today! Read our Terms & Conditions and download our Consignment Form at:

ShaShinKi Consignment Form (PDF)

Why ShaShinKi®?!

  1. ShaShinKi® is the first, the largest and the most popular online camera shop in Malaysia! With over 210,000 unique visitors and over 20 million hits monthly!
  2. Free of Charge if your item is unsold. ShaShinKi® will only charge Consignment Fee if your item is sold (minimum consignment period = 30 days). For unsold item, owner can request to receive it back by paying the actual return shipping fee (maximum consignment period = 6 months).
  3. ShaShinKi® will check, grade and take photo of your product. All USED products will be posted at the USED CORNER of ShaShinKi®, all done by ShaShinKi®'s professional staff.
ShaShinKi - Trade in or Sell Your Cameras to ShaShinKi® - Malaysia 1st & Largest Online Camera Shop!