Tilta-Max Armor-Man II Ultimate Exoskeleton Gimbal Support

Tilta-Max Armor-Man II Ultimate Exoskeleton Gimbal Support



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Tilta-Max Armor-Man II Ultimate Exoskeleton Gimbal Support

Meeting the needs for gimbal shooters, this support system will allow filming for long durations with ease. The system uses 2 Stedicam style support arms that hold the weight of the gimbal. The vest is height adjustable and has a v-lock plate at the back which can power accessories. The V-lock plate has a D-Tap output and a 4 pin Lemo socket.

The dual spring action arms transfer all of the weight of the gimbal and the tension of the springs can be adjusted to suit your needs. This low profile design is different to other gimbal supports on the market and it does not add much width so navigating through doorways is not an issue! High shots can be achieved painlessly (literally) as the weight is fully transferred onto the arms and back. The gimbal practically feels weightless when operating it.

Setup is quick and simple, as there are no tools required to setup the Armor-man. Only to adjust the tension on the springs, the included allen wrench is required. It is compatible with a wide range of gimbals as the support cups have a large diameter to fit various sized gimbal handles.

The wrist supports are fully adjustable and attach onto the arms with a NATO clamp. The 'ski-boot' design straps for the wrists are easy to tighten and remove in a hurry.

The complete rig is neatly packed down into a soft carry case that is easy for transportation.

Note: Please see the left/right (L/R) mark on the arms and balance support before installing.

Note: The arms on Armor man 2 can release the strength when you stop shooting and the arms can be rested on the hooks around the waist. You only need to pull the rope.
Safety case (CS-T06*1) Waterproof,dustproof ,shockproof case
Brazilian Rosewood,Aluminum-Alloy, Stainless Steel
Weight including case

 Tilta-Max Armor-Man II Ultimate Exoskeleton Gimbal Support

  • 1 x Vest with IDX battery plate
  • 2 x Spring action support arms
  • 2 x Wrist supports
  • 1 x Adjustment tools
  •  1 x High strength waterproof case

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