Swivl C5 Series Robot
Swivl C5 Series Robot

Swivl C5 Series Robot


SSK # STR-SW3322-C5

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Key Features

  • Robotic Motion and Tracking System
  • Automatically Follows You
  • Operating Range up to 30'
  • Fits Mobile Devices Under 0.47" Thick
  • 360° Pan / 25° Tilt
  • Swivl Capture App for iOS and Android
  • Wireless Audio
  • Includes 1 x Remote Marker


Swivl is a robotic platform that allows the user to plug in a tablet, a smartphone or a DSLR for easier recording of a class lecture, presentations, and even action sports.

Swivl is the first and only iPod, iPhone, iPad mini, and iPad Air accessory that lets teachers and students capture hands-free video, following their every move and recording their every word with a wireless microphone.

Automated video coaching, presentation, and collaboration solution.
Improved controls and ease of use
Use up to 4x markers for better audio
Expand Lens compatible
Simpler, easier to use

Video Automation: Our robot follows you with great quality audio. Now it has twice the speed of response, a simpler Lightning interface and multi-channel audio so you can hear everything.
Multi-Marker Capability: Get up to 4 sources of audio and pinpoint who said what to make assessments more powerful.

Expand Lens: Use C Series with the Expand Lens to double the value of your video and securely lock your iPad in place.

Time to Widen Your Perspective: Wide-angle-lenses make video observations more relevant and actionable for teachers and students.  Why? With a standard camera lens, there is a trade off. Get the camera too close and you lose important context and interactions. Place it for context and you miss necessary social, emotional and learning content details. With a high-quality wide-angle lens, there's no trade off.

Complete and Secure Platform: The Swivl app and cloud platform is easy to use, FERPA and COPPA compliant and can support anything from individual to institution wide deployments.


App Requirements: Requires Swivl app to be installed on mobile device and open to operate
Swivl Cloud: Swivl Cloud is free, has unlimited video storage and a range of tools.


Weight 2.0lbs package 
Pan  360 degree continuouswith max 90 degree/sec
Tilt 25 degree range with max 10 degree/sec
Tracking  2-30 footrange of operation line of site
Mobile compatibility iOS and Android (Android requires cable purchase – SW5170)


Size 85mm x 30mm
Remote contro Record, Action, Right, Left ,Up, Down.
Microphone DECT multi-channel solution
Battery  Re-chargeable Lithium Polymer with estimated 4 hour run time


Size  125mm x 65mm
Audio USB Lightning digital
Device Mounting Accepts any mobile device or device with case under 12mm thick
Swivl Expand Lens iPads (SW7010)& Mount Anything Kit (SW5100)
Battery Re-chargeable Lithium with estimated 6 hour run time
AC Adapter 90-240V, US plugs.


Protective Case

AC Charger

3x Adapter grips

Micro USB to Lightning Cable

Micro USB to Micro USB


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Swivl C5 Series Robot
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Swivl C5 Series Robot