Swarovski DCA Digiscoping Adapter

Swarovski DCA Digiscoping Adapter


SSK # SWK-DCA-49206

Shopping Point 8.400 = RM8.40

Key Features

  • Fits Cameras with 28/37/43/52mm Filters
  • Useable with SLRs with 50mm Lenses

Swarovski DCA Digiscoping Adapter

The Swarovski DCA Digiscoping Adapter allows you to digiscope with your Swarovski spotting scope, using either a digital point and shoot camera with a 28mm, 37mm, 43mm or 52mm filter specification or an SLR camera and a 30-50mm lens with 52mm filters.  In both cases, you capture images through the spotting scope's eyepiece.  In addition to the specified filter sizes, you can also use step-up rings and even step-down rings to adapt your lens' filter size to 28/37/43/52mm.

All ventures in the world of digiscoping require the use of a sturdy tripod, first and foremost.  Logical choices for a tripod/head combination are indicated here as accessories, with an ascending order in price & support.  You must take great care to keep vibrations during exposure to an absolute minimum.  Employing a cable release, electronic release or remote control for tripping the shutter is absolutely necessary.  And while it is not necessary per se, a mounting bracket will do wonders to reduce vibrations of your rig.

  • Dimensions 2.6 x 2.0" (67 x 50mm) WxH
  • Weight 0.26 lb (120 g)
Swarovski DCA Digiscoping Adapter

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