Spider Camera Holster Black Widow Holster
Spider Camera Holster Black Widow Holster

Spider Camera Holster Black Widow Holster

spider camera holster


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Key Features

  • For Lightweight DSLR/Point-Shoot Camera
  • Leaves Hands and Upper Body Free
  • Locks Camera in Place On Your Waist
  • Works With Tripod's Quick-Release Plate
  • Can Be Used With Your Own Belt
  • Small - Fits in The Palm of Your Hand
  • Allows Your Camera to Pivot as You Walk
  • Excellent Theft Deterrent

The Black Widow Holster from Spider Camera Holster is intended for use with small to mid-size DSLR cameras with detachable lenses. If your gear weighs 2 lb (1kg) or under, the Black Widow can be used with confidence. It works, basically, like a policeman's holster. Your camera rides on your hip. When you're ready to shoot, release the quick-release, take the camera and shoot. When finished, slip it back into the belt and you're off.

This unique system permits you to have your camera on your hip, ready to shoot. It's held in place by your tripod's quick-release plate safely and securely. The beauty of the Black Widow is that it permits your camera to move in sync with your body thereby allowing you to walk, climb or even eat. When you're hands-free, it leaves you free to use another camera, thumb through a record bin, climb an incline or use a computer.

Attach the Black Widow to the optional Black Widow Belt or even use it on your own belt. In either instance, the camera is held firmly in place. Having the camera at hip level, safely tethered, provides a measure of security that a traditional camera strap doesn't provide. Small and lightweight, the Black Widow is small enough to toss into your gear bag or luggage.

Eliminates a dangling camera from your neck or a twisted strap. No more strap trouble when bending down
Hands and upper body remain free - allows you to climb a hill or even eat
Locks-in your camera each time it's placed into the holster - provides maximum security in active shooting situations and doubles as a theft deterrent
Can be worn on the optional Black Widow Belt or your own belt
Small footprint - fits in the palm of your hand
Complements the body's natural movements, so getting through crowds couldn't be easier. It feels natural when you walk because the patented Black Widow Pin allows your camera to pivot as your body moves
Use the Black Widow Thin Tripod Plate accessory (patent pending) for compatibility with any quick-release plate
Spider Camera Holster Black Widow Holster
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Spider Camera Holster Black Widow Holster
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Spider Camera Holster Black Widow Holster

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