ShaShinKi Table Top Portable Photo Studio (40x40x40cm)
ShaShinKi Table Top Portable Photo Studio (40x40x40cm)

ShaShinKi Table Top Portable Photo Studio (40x40x40cm)



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ShaShinKi Table Top Portable Photo Studio (40x40x40cm)

The professional kit is extremely suitable for all level photographers from amateurs to professionals. It is a perfect solution for product photo and video for web retailers and commercial product catalog. Very easy to use and setup in seconds. The photo kit includes a special designed carrying case for convenient storage and travel. With our wonderful photo kit, you can take perfect photos everywhere anytime.

Best Solution for Your Portable Photo Studio

    * Perfect for objects less than 17 inches., such as toys, accouterments, small furnishings and souvenir, etc.
    * Soften lighting for reducing overexposure and hot spots.
    * Light entering from translucent side cloth for bathing object in dimensional lighting.
    * Seamless and non-reflectable background for less post processing.
    * Easy to exchange different color backgrounds with velcro tips.
    * Set up in minutes to offer you a professional mini photo studio.
    * Store in a special design carrying case for portability.

Soft Light Tent

    * 40x40x40cm size
    * 100% pure white high-duty nylon fabric square tent avoids reflections for clean and color-consistent images.
    * Translucent fabric gently diffuse the light from your light sources to prevent shadows.
    * Built-in velcros to lock three side boards easily to store.
    * Built-in pockets for light and accessories. Everything is ready to go with you!
    * Setup in seconds and fold up for convenient storage and travel.


    * Size: 48" L x 24" W.
    * Non reflective high quality cotton.
    * 4 different colors: Red, Black, White and Blue for best result.
    * Velcro design allows you to change the background easily and quickly.
    * Suitable for different objects photography by changing the background in seconds.
    * Provide better contrast solution for all objects.

Package Includes

    * 1x 40cm soft light tent
    * 4 x background drops (red, blue, white, black)
    * 1 x carrying case

Reviews ShaShinKi Table Top Portable Photo Studio (40x40x40cm)

Kok Woe
Bought this in October and has been using it since then. The quality is as described, would recommend this to anyone who are looking into small product photography. But make sure you get a good lighting too, otherwise you won't be able to get the expected quality shoot. Also, make sure you iron the background drops before using it. Recommended to be use with Aputure Amaran LED Video Light (AL-H160) for Video Camera and DSLR Camera for a better lighting.
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