Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Meter - Silver
Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Meter - Silver

Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Meter - Silver



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Sekonic L-358 FLASH MASTER

The Sekonic L-358 Flash Master is the perfect blend of advanced features, user-friendly functions and affordability combined in one light meter. It is both an ambient meter and a flash meter joined together into one rugged, compact,
all-weather housing. It features flash and ambient analyzing, so you can select the right amount of either ambient or flash exposure. It also offers a built-in, retractable, incident Lumisphere, for quick comparisons of wide to narrow angle incident measurements. The L-358 offers simplicity in the most demanding shooting situations. That’s because it’s the world’s first affordable meter with Digital Wireless Freedom. With an optional digital radio flash triggering module, you now can simultaneously trigger your remote camera and/or electronic flash units and measure the flash output wirelessly without troublesome PC-synch cords. An optional, parallax-free spot finder extends the versatility of the meter with a choice of 1°, 5° or 10° viewfinders.

User friendly affordable meter with advanced features and optional wireless triggering.

  • Analyzing Function
    Simultaneous reading of flash and ambient light analyzed.
  • Optional Plug-in Radio Transmitter Module
    Simultaneously trigger your flash and measure the exposure.
    Wirelessly -- compatible with all PocketWizards.
  • Selectable Full, 1/2 or 1/3 Stop Settings
  • Retractable-Removable-Rotating Lumisphere
  • Optional 1°, 5° and 10° Spot Attachments


Analyzing Function
A simultaneous reading of flash and ambient light is analyzed. The readings are displayed in three different ways on the LCD:
1. Combined readings of flash and ambient
2. Percentage of flash in the total exposure
3. Simultaneous display of flash, ambient and combined readings on the analog display

Retractable Lumisphere
A built-in adjustable incident dome (Lumisphere) provides full measuring in the standard position or when retracted, provides cosine corrected light readings for individual light source measurements or flat artwork.

Memory Mode
9 memory banks are available in both Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Modes, making contrast evaluation and averaging possible in both modes.

Illuminated Direct Display
Both shutter speeds and apertures can be displayed in full, 1/2 or 1/3 step increments to accommodate most camera manufacturer’s settings.

Exposure and Calibration Compensation
Exposure compensation of +/-9.9 EV
Calibration compensation of +/-1.0 EV

Dual ISO Settings
Allows the photographer to take single light readings and display the exposure settings in two different ISO film speeds such as negative film and Polaroid proofing film. The second ISO setting is also ideal for calculating exposure compensation such as filter factors or bellows factors, without having to change the original film speed settings.

Cine Speeds
Complete range of full and half-frame speeds from 2 to 360 fps (frames per second)

Full-Featured Flash Measurements
1. Cord Flash Mode (Cumulative and Non-Cumulative)
2. Cordless Flash Mode (Cumulative and Non-Cumulative)
3. Radio Triggering Mode

All Weather Design
All buttons, switches and compartments are sealed and the meter housing has been constructed with durable, rugged conditions in mind. Ideal for shooting in sandy, rainy or humid conditions.

Optional Plug-in Radio Transmitter Module
Electronic flash units and/or cameras can be triggered wirelessly from either the L-358 FLASH MASTER meter’s optional plug-in, multi-channel digital radio transmitter. No more tripping over sync cords, or fumbling with PC connectors. Compatible with all PocketWizard Digital Radio Receivers, these meters can simultaneously trigger and measure your electronic flash units up to 100 feet away. You can also select through the meter’s software, “Quad Triggering mode” which provides you with up to four zones of lighting control remotely. Now you can individually measure several flash units wirelessly with the touch of the meter’s measuring button, without walking over to each light and turning them on or off. You can even trigger motor driven cameras from the meter. Part of the Digital Wireless Freedom system, the L-358 FLASH MASTER is a wireless exposure meter and exposure maker.
Type: Digital exposure meter for ambient and flash light
Light receiving method: Incident light and reflected light

Incident light: Convertible to flat diffuser (Lumisphere in down position)
Reflected light: Light receiving angle 54° (Lumigrid)
Light receptor element: 2-Silicon photo diodes (incident and reflected)

Metering modes

Ambient light: Aperture priority metering
Shutter priority metering
EV metering
Flash: With synchro cord (cumulative and non-cumulative)
Without synchro cord (cumulative and non-cumulative)
Measurement using the optional wireless flash radio triggering system (cumulative and non-cumulative)

Radio Triggering (Optional)

Radio technology: Complex 16/24 bit digitally coded
Range: Up to 100 feet from transmitter to receiver
Channels: 1 to 16 channels standard, 17 to 32 “Quad Triggering”
Radio wave frequency:
USA & Canada (FCC & IC) CH1-CH16 344.00MHz CH17-CH32 346.50~354.00MHz
Europe (EU) CH1-CH16 433.62MHz CH17-CH32 434.22MHz

Measuring Range (ISO 100)

Ambient light: Incident light EV-2 to EV 22.9
Reflected light EV-2 to EV 22.9 (with 54° Lumigrid)
Optional Spot:
1° EV5 to EV 24.4

5° EV3 to EV 24.4

10° EV2 to EV 24.4
Flash: Incident light f/1.0 to f/90.9 (approx. f/124)
Reflected light f/1.0 to f/90.9 (approx. f/124) with 54° Lumigrid
Optional Spot:
1° f/8.0 to f/124

5° f/4.0 to f/124

10° f/2.8 to f/124
Repeat Accuracy: +/- 0.1 EV or less
Calibration Constant
Incident light metering:
Lumisphere C = 340

Retracted C = 250
Reflected light metering:
K = 12.5

Display Range

Film speed: ISO 3 to 8000 (in 1/3 steps)
Shutter Speeds: Ambient light: 30 minutes to 1/8000 seconds (in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 stop) plus 1/200, 1/400 Cine speeds: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 24, 25, 30, 32, 36, 40, 48, 50, 60, 64, 72, 96, 120, 128, 150, 200, 240, 256, 300, 360 frames per second (at a 180° shutter angle)
Flash: 30 minutes to 1/1000 second (in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 stop) plus 1/75, 1/80, 1/90, 1/100, 1/200, 1/400
Aperture: f/1.0 to f/90.9 (in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 stop)
EV: EV -9.9 to EV 40.1 (in 1/10 stop)
Analog scale
Aperture: f/1.0 to f/90 (in 1/2 stop)
Shutter speed: 2s to 4k (1/4000) (in 1/2 stop)

Other features

All-weather feature: JIS standard water resistance class 4, splash-proof type
Memory function: 9 readings on analog scale (f/stop & shutter speed) with memory recall and clear feature
Multiple Flash function: Unlimited flash readings (only one digit is displayed when the cumulative number is ten or more.)
Average function: Up to 9 readings can be averaged
Brightness Difference function: +/- 9.9 EV (in 1/10 stop)
Flash analyzing function: 0 to 100% in 10% in increments
Exposure Out of Range: U (underexposure) or O (overexposure) indication
Exposure compensation: +/- 9.9 EV (in 1/10 steps)
Calibration compensation: +/- 1.0 EV (in 1/10 steps)
Battery Power Indicator display: With 3 level status icon
Auto Power Off: 20 minutes after last use
Auto illumination: EV 6 and under
DIP switch mode selection: Located under battery cover
Second ISO film speed setting: ISO 3 to 8000 (in 1/3 stop)
Battery used: One CR123A battery (3V Lithium dry cell)
Operating temperature range: 14° to 122° F (-10° to 50° C)
Storage temperature range: -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)
Dimensions: 2.4"W x 6.1"H x 1.5"D (60mmW x 155mmH x 37mmD)
Weight: 5.4oz (153gm) with battery
Standard accessories supplied: Lumigrid, soft case, strap, synchro terminal cap, CR123A Lithium batter
Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Meter - Silver
  • Reflected Light Attachment
  • CR123A Lithium Battery
  • Case
  • Neck Strap
  • P.C. Terminal Cap

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Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Meter - Silver
Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Meter - Silver

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