Sekonic C-7000 SpectroMaster Color Meter
Sekonic C-7000 SpectroMaster Color Meter

Sekonic C-7000 SpectroMaster Color Meter


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Key Features

  • Designed for Industrial Applications
  • Measures all Forms of Continuous Light
  • Measures Flash
  • Reads Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density
  • 4.3" Color Touchscreen
  • Multiple Informational Display Screens
  • CMOS Linear Image Sensor
  • Computer Utility Available

The SpectroMaster C-7000 Color Meter from Sekonic is a portable handheld spectrometer, designed especially for industrial use. Utilizing Sekonic's CMOS linear image sensor design and software, the C-7000 can measure every light source (LED, HMI, fluorescent, natural light, and electronic flash spectrum) with remarkable precision and data feedback.

With the overwhelming popularity of new light sources such as advanced LED and Organic Electroluminescence, the need to understand, manage and control these sophisticated illumination systems is essential. Manufacturing quality and processes along with varying color and illumination qualities can often result in consistency issues. To address these lighting challenges, Sekonic has created the C-7000 to offer advanced precision lighting control for the Photo, Video, and Cine industries.

Information screens such as Correlated Color Temperature, Illuminance, Color Rendering Index (CRI), Tristimulus Value, Chromaticity Coordinates (for CIE1931/CIE1964 & CIE1976 standards), Peak Wavelength, Excitation Purity and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, and more are displayed on the 4.3" color touch screen display. The enhanced measurement data and display modes of the C-7000 provide the information that is widely utilized in light fixture manufacturing and quality control, as well as monitoring illumination of offices, roadways, and public facilities to meet government lighting standards. Indoor agricultural lighting, precision medical light control and many more lighting industries will find the C-7000 of particular usefulness in their daily application to meet requirements for lighting control.

The C-7000 is also computer-friendly. Connect the C-7000 to a Windows-based PC and users will be able to make meter settings with the C-7000 Utility (included with the meter) and output CSV format files of measurement data in 1 nanometer (nm) wavelength increments from 380 to 780nm. Additionally, graphs of spectral distribution, CRI, and chromaticity diagrams for CIE 1931(1964) and CIE1976 color spaces can be outputted as well. With the C-7000 Utility software, output of memorized data is provided at every 1nm(nanometer) increments in CSV format. The C-7000 can be utilized to measure data for light manufactures quality control, medical facilities, educational / office safety and health standards, agricultural lighting / design and many more industrial uses.

Measures LED, HMI, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Natural Light and Flash in 1 nanometer (nm) output wave length increments from 380 to 780nm
Stand-alone spectrometer that measures the flash light with sync cord connection or cordless mode
User-friendly design: 270 degree swivel head, dark calibration without cap, large 4.3" color touch panel LCD, and Customize function
Wide measurement range of Color Temperature (1,563 to 100,000K) and illumination (1 to 200,000 lux in ambient light, 20 to 20,500 lux·s in flash light)
Various displays (Text, Spectrum Graph, Spectrum Comparison Mode, CRI Mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) Mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) Comparison Mode, CIE1976 Mode, CIE1976 Comparison Mode)
Measurements of Kelvin (K), Illuminance (lux), CRI (Ra, R1 thru. R15), Deviation (⊿uv), Tristimulus values (XYZ), Chromaticity Coordinate(xyz / u'v'), Dominant Wavelength(λd), Peak Wavelength(λp), Excitation Purity(Pe), PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density)
Up to 999 data measurements can be stored. Memory function also enables naming or renaming the title of memory and clearing the stored value. It is useful to compare various light sources or to check deterioration of single sources over time
C-7000 Utility (in CD-ROM included in the package) offers easy settings and updating firmware on Windows basis in the meter. Via C-7000 Utility software, the output of the spectrum data at every 1nm in CSV format and the output of the spectrum distribution graph, CIE1931 (1964), CIE1976 diagram, CRI graph bar in JPEG/BMP/PNG format are also available

Illuminance Meter Class Class A of JIS C 1609-1: 2006 "Illuminance meters Part 1: General measuring instruments"
DIN 5032 Part 7 Class C
Sensor CMOS linear image sensor
Spectral Wavelength Range Range: 380 to 780 nm
Bandwidth: Approx 11 nm (half bandwidth)
Output Wavelength Pitch 1 nm
Measuring Range Ambient light: 1 to 200,000 lux (0.1 to 18,600 fc), 1,563 to 100,000K(more than 5 lux required)

Flash: 20 to 20,500 lux (1.86 to 1,900 fc), 1,563 to 100,000K
Display 4.3" (11 cm) color dot matrix LCD color touchscreen
Resolution: 480×800 dots
Display Modes Text, Spectrum, Spectrum, Comparison CRI, CIE1931, CIE1931 Comparison, CIE1976, CIE1976 Comparison
Display Items
Correlated color temperature (Tcp)
CIE1931(CIE1964) Chromaticity Coordinates (x, y, z / x10, y10, z10)
CIE1976 Chromaticity Coordinates (u', v' / u'10, v'10)
Lux(lx) or Foot-Candle (fc) - ambient light
Lux sec. (Hlx) or Foot-Candle sec. (Hfc)-flash light
Tristimulus Value (X ,Y ,Z , / X10, Y10, Z10)
Deviation ( Δ uv)
CRI (Ra / R1 to R15)
Peak Wavelength (λp)
Dominant Wavelength (λd)
Purity (Pe)
PPFD: Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (μmolm-2s-1)
Measuring Modes Text mode, Spectrum mode, Spectrum Comparison mode, CRI mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) Comparison mode, CIE1976 mode, CIE1976 Comparison mode
Measurement Time Ambient max.: 15 sec.
Ambient min.: 0.5 sec.
Ambient: Manual: 0.1, 1 sec.
Flash: 1 to 1/500 sec. in 1 step
Accuracy Illuminance: ±5% + 1digit (1 to 3,000 lux)
x,y: 0.003 (Standard Illuminant A, 800 lux)
Repeatability Illuminance: 1% +1 digit (30 to 200,000 lux), 5% +1 digit (1 to 29.9 lux)
x,y: 0.001 (500 to 200,000 lux)
x,y: 0.002 (100 to 499 lux)
x,y: 0.004 (30 to 99.9 lux)
x,y: 0.008 (5 to 29.9 lux)
Visible-region Relative Spectral Response Within 9%
Cosine Response Within 6%
Color Temperature Tolerance Illuminance: +/- 5 % of indicated value
x,y: ±0.006 (Standard Illuminant A, 1000 lux)
Humidity Illuminance: +/- 3 % of displayed value
x,y: ±0.006 (Standard Illuminant A, 1000 lux)
Power Source 2x AA 1.5 V (not included), USB bus power
Other Functions Up to 999 memory, Preset function, Auto power off, Auto Dimmer, 2 or 10 deg. Field of View setting
On-Screen Display Languages English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified)
Interface USB 2.0
Operating Temperature 14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C)
Storage Temperature 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
Dimensions 2.9 x 7.2 x 1.1" (73 x 183 x 27 mm) (body)
1.6" (40 mm) (light receptor depth)
Weight 8.1 oz (230 g) (without batteries)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 1.2 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.1 x 6.5 x 3.5"
Sekonic C-7000 SpectroMaster Color Meter
  • CD-ROM with Operating Manual and C-7000 Series Utility
  • Soft Case
  • Strap
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    Sekonic C-7000 SpectroMaster Color Meter
    Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
    Sekonic C-7000 SpectroMaster Color Meter

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