Savage Digital Photography Kit
Savage Digital Photography Kit

Savage Digital Photography Kit



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Key Features

  • Complete Kit for Doing Digital Portraits
  • 720 Digital Theme Images
  • Take Photo/Drop in a Digital Background
  • Sets Up / Collapses Easily
  • Reversible Backdrop - Green/Blue
  • Light Stand Serves Dual Purpose
  • PC/MAC Compatible

The Digital Photography Kit from Savage contains everything you need to set up your own mini studio where you can create innovative and intriguing images. Nothing could be simpler. The backdrop is 60 x 72" - more than enough for a good head shot or full length shot of a child. When not used, it reduces to 1/3 its size making it easy to transport in the included carry bag. The kit also includes an 8' aluminum background/light stand. Use this item to hold the background or light - whatever you need to get the shot.

The Digital Background Variety Pack features 720 different themed backdrops from which you can choose to drop into your image. They are sized to 2400 x 3000 pixels. Take your photo and using the enclosed Photoshop, change the backdrop with the click of a mouse. The software is both PC and Mac compatible. There is also a trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. Using this software allows you to easily drop in or remove your background.

  • Kit allows you to take your photography to another level by providing a digital reservoir of images to drop in to your background
  • Use it at home or take it on location
  • Reasonably inexpensive way to create your own photo studio
  • Backdrop is reversible to suit your need
  • Digital backgrounds are themed to accommodate any shooting scenario or client preference
Dimensions Background: 60.0 x 72" (1.5 x 1.8 m)
Light Stand: 8.0' (2.4 m)
Savage Digital Photography Kit
  • Reversible Collapsible Chroma Key Background
  • Background Stand
  • 720 x Digital Theme Backgrounds
  • Trial Version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9
  • Carry Bag
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    Savage Digital Photography Kit
    Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
    Savage Digital Photography Kit