PolarPro Landing Gear for DJI Spark

PolarPro Landing Gear for DJI Spark



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Key Features

  • Engineered for the DJI Spark
  • Raises camera 0.75 inches off the ground away from dust/dirt/sand
  • Landing Gear provides an easier location to hand launch/land
  • Pressure fit design installs and removes instantly
  • Acts as an additional shock absorber during rough landings

PolarPro Landing Gear for DJI Spark

The PolarPro DJI Spark Landing Gear raises the camera 0.75 inches above the ground keeping it away from dust and dirt during takeoffs and landings. The Landing Gear easily snaps on to the Spark making it very easy to install and remove. The Spark Landing Gear also provides additional surface area to hand launch/land the drone, keeping fingers further away from the propellers for added safety. Designed to absorb shock during rough landings, the Spark Landing Gear will take most of the impact allowing the Spark to move within the Landing Gear under force.

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