Pinnacle Studio Plus 700 USB Version 10.0
Pinnacle Studio Plus 700 USB Version 10.0

Pinnacle Studio Plus 700 USB Version 10.0



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Key Features

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use home video editing software; includes 700-USB adapter
  • Quickly adds spectacular effects, transitions, titles and music to videos in high definition
  • Image stabilization feature and color correction tool helps you enhance video quality
  • Create DVDs with menus and custom navigation on the fly without copying your files to your PC
  • Imports videos from non-encrypted DVDs for added enhancement and re-mastering

Introducing, from Pinnacle, the worldwide leader in home video editing, Studio 700-USB version 10, the most friendly, complete and powerful home video editing solution available today. Studio 700-USB combines the legendary ease of its intuitive three-step movie creation process with the power to quickly and reliably capture all of your photos, videos and audio from popular digital and analog consumer electronic devices from your PC or laptop. Next, Studio 700-USB intuitively walks you through adding groundbreaking effects like Pan & Zoom, music and titles to create blockbuster home movies, with instant preview on your TV, for preserving and sharing on DVD, the Web and beyond. With Studio 700-USB, your home movies will always earn a top star rating with family and friends. 

When it's time to edit your great home videos, you'll want the most complete, powerful and easy-to-use home video editing software you can find. Pinnacle Studio 10.0 Plus (with 700-USB) is exactly that. Not only will Studio 10.0 Plus let you add titles, transitions, music and special effects quickly and easily, it also allows you to combine your photos with your video for that extra professional touch. This software is even designed to capture, import, and create top-of-the-line HD video and high-resolution picture DVDs, making Studio 10.0 Plus a great companion for your HDV camcorders.

Pinnacle makes data transfer to-and-from your PC a breeze with the included 700-USB adapter. This handy external device features plenty of inputs and outputs to meet your multimedia needs. The 700-USB includes the following inputs: composite video input (RCA connector); S-Video input (mini-DIN connector); stereo audio input (two RCA connectors); and IEEE 1394 I/O connector input (six-pin type). And it is equipped with the following outputs: composite video output (RCA connector); S-Video output (mini-DIN connector); stereo audio output (two RCA connectors; and IEEE 1394 I/O connector output (six-pin type).

Simplicity and Ease-of-Use
Video editing software is only as good as it is intuitive and easy to use. Studio 10.0 Plus couldn't be any more intuitive. The software boasts an extremely user-friendly interface that guides you through your editing in three effortless steps: Capture, Edit/Enhance, and Share. It's that simple.

A unique SmartMovie feature walks you through the steps to create amazing movies by adding spectacular effects, transitions, titles and music in a matter of a few minutes. A pan-and-zoom feature lets you create high-quality movies by animating your digital photos with close-ups and pans and scans in any direction. Included with the software are hundreds of extraordinary keyframeable and format independent (SD and even HD) real-time effects and transitions, powered by the both legendary and professional Pinnacle Liquid Edition engine. With added keyframing, you can actually control the characteristics and parameters of an effect on a frame-by-frame basis. These effects and transitions can even be previewed immediately in their full resolution directly on your computer monitor. Studio 10.0 Plus' SmartSound feature provides a vast library of categorized royalty-free music that you can add to your creation. Best of all, the music you choose will let you match precisely, second for second, the duration of the video clip or movie you are editing.

Studio 10.0 Plus also includes all the tools you need to take the quality of your work to the next level. A unique video cleaning toolkit helps you to restore old damaged video tapes. An image stabilization feature gives you the tools to take care of that unfortunate shaky and jerky footage. If you have video footage that was shot under poor lighting conditions, don't despair -- Studio 10.0 features a color correction tool to help you with that as well. Eliminating extraneous and distracting sounds such as wind and rain is no problem at all with Studio 10.0 Plus' noise reduction tools.

Built-in DVD Authoring and Instant Transfer
With a fully integrated CD and DVD authoring workflow, Studio 10.0 Plus lets you easily create DVDs with menus and custom navigation on the fly. You can also create DVDs with menus without first copying your files over to your PC hard drive.

As with its other great features, Studio 10.0 Plus makes the process of working in different formats as seamless as possible. You can capture video from the latest consumer cameras and devices including DVD video cameras and even cell phones. And thanks to the power of the professional-level Pinnacle Liquid Effects Engine, you can now actually edit with keyframeable real-time effects and transitions in truly stunning high quality HD! You can even create the extraordinary real-time multi-track editing and effects that you see on TV, such as chroma key (green or blue screen) and picture-in-picture (PIP). The chroma key effect gives you the power to position the star of your video anywhere in the world and beyond, while the PIP effect lets you place one video inside another in real-time.

The software also lets you import videos from non-encrypted DVDs for added enhancement and re-mastering. Another great feature, brand new to Studio 10.0 Plus, is its unique background saving feature. With this feature, you can work uninterrupted and avoid the time-consuming steps of saving your work in the format of your choice. In other words, you can keep working on your project while you are simultaneously rendering your project to the top quality format of your choice. So, regardless of whether your final project will be for CD, DVD or the Web, all you need to do is to create amazing videos, and Studio 10.0 Plus will take care of the rest.


System Requirements

  • Platform:   Windows XP

  • Media: CD-ROM

Pinnacle Studio Plus 700 USB Version 10.0

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