Phottix Multi Boom 28
Phottix Multi Boom 28" Flash Bracket

Phottix Multi Boom 28" Flash Bracket



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Umbrellas softboxes from Phottix and other manufacturers are great lighting modifiers. Easy to transport and use, fast to set-up – but there’s one big drawback: Because of the design they are almost impossible to tilt on a traditional light stand.

Phottix has realized this flaw and overcome it. Building on the success of the  Phottix Multi Boom 16” – the new Phottix Multi Boom 28’ offers increase functionality, allowing more flashes and larger softboxes to be mounted, and with a more balanced position over the lightstand.

Maneuvering a softbox is even easier now using the Multi Boom 28's built in hand grip. Full tilt, and swivel motion is now possible.

Multi Boom’s bracket mounts in a standard umbrella swivel. The boom holds four flashes on axis with the umbrella shaft, and allows an umbrella softbox or umbrella to be tilted.

A single flash mount is also now included, allowing a single flash to be mounted centrally. And an integrated short column also provides a compact bracket option.

Available as the Phottix Multi Boom 28" or as a combo with Multi Boom 28" and Phottix Varos II BG Umbrella Adapter.

The Multi Boom 28” Features:

  • Mount one to four flashes with the heads centered inside umbrellas or Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softboxes, or umbrella-style softboxes from other manufacturers for more even light output.
  • Mount in an umbrella swivel, or in a grip head for tilt and swivel movement.
  • Allows full 180 degree tilt with Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softboxes, up to 90 cm (of 36") in height or diameter.
  • Fast and easy set-up, base plate swivels and locks into position with one simple thumbscrew.
  • Quickly folds flat and compact for transport.  Carrying bag included.
  • Mount the baseplate in multiple positions for different flash layouts, or lower center of gravity.
  • The hand grip allows for holding of flashes mounted in a shoot-through umbrella or similar modifier.
  • Large, easy-to grip-thumbscrews are captured in the slots – no worries of lost thumbscrews.
  • Folded flat the bracket acts as a base stand for 4 flashes to sit on a flat surface (floor or table etc).
  • Single flash mount included.

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Phottix Multi Boom 28" Flash Bracket
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Phottix Multi Boom 28" Flash Bracket

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