Pentax O-GPS1 GPS Module
Pentax O-GPS1 GPS Module

Pentax O-GPS1 GPS Module



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The Pentax O-GPS1 GPS Module is designed for geotagging with compatible Pentax digital cameras, including the K-5, K-r, and the 645D. Powered by just 1 'AAA' battery, the GPS unit tracks latitude, longitude, altitude, time, and direction. This information provides not only GPS info for storing and tracking your photos and videos, but GPS information you can use for hiking, boating, and other outings.

Geotag your images for location information on popular photo-sharing websites
Chart the progress of a hike, bike, or boating outing with interval position tracking
A separate, but efficient power source will not drain your camera's battery
Supports terrestrial-based WAAS for highly accurate positioning
Electronic Compass function assists while hiking or camping
Type Hotshoe mounted accessory GPS unit
Supported Cameras K-5, K-r, 645D
GPS Accuracy 32.8' / 10m RMS
Data Format NMEA-0183
Miscellaneous Recorded info: Lat, Lon, Alt, Time (UTC), Direction
GPS receiver: 50 channel tracking, Supports SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS)
Acquisition time: 40 seconds (cold), 5 seconds (hot)
Positioning interval: 1 second
Geodesics: World Geodetic System (WGS 84)
Electronic compass: Accuracy: +/-5°, Positioning interval: 8x; Reference direction: True north
Power Supply 1 x 'AAA' battery (lithium NiMH, alkaline)
Battery Life Approx 12 hrs (normal temp) with lithium (9h, 0°)
Approx 7 hrs (normal temp) with NiMH (5h, 0°)
Approx 7 hrs (normal temp) with alkaline (4h, 0°)
Dimensions 1.9 x 1.3 x 2.3" / 4.8 x 3. x 5.8cm
Weight 1.8 oz / 0.05kg Without battery 2.2 oz / 0.06kg
With battery
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Pentax O-GPS1 GPS Module
Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
Pentax O-GPS1 GPS Module