Panasonic 64GB Microp2 Fast Memory UHS-II Card
Panasonic 64GB Microp2 Fast Memory UHS-II Card

Panasonic 64GB Microp2 Fast Memory UHS-II Card



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Key Features

Panasonic’s microP2 solid-state UHS-II compliant memory cards ensure highly reliable video, audio, and metadata recording, especially in challenging conditions of extreme temperature range, shock, and vibration. microP2 cards, as well as standard full-size F Series P2 cards allow professional users to benefit from a fast, easy, file-based workflow and exceptional reliability.  These cards are very reliable and fast, and with a lower price.

Panasonic is excited to announce April delivery for the new microP2 series, the world’s first UHS-II compliant memory cards (as of UHS-II compliant memory card, March 2013.) This continues the P2 HD evolution to higher-speed, lower-cost, more compact media. The simultaneous introduction of a microP2 Card Adapter assures that the new series of 64GB and 32GB microP2 cards will operate in current P2 hardware (see compatibility chart below). More so, microP2 cards will be compatible on future products with built-in microP2 slots, such as the recently announced AJ-PX5000 P2 HD camcorder and AJ-PD500 half-rack recorder. In addition, the AJ-P2AD1G Adapter will support Class 10 SD cards at data bit rates up to 50 Mbps
(Panasonic cannot guarantee performance of SD cards).

microP2 cards guarantee data writing up to the class200 mode of AVC-ULTRA. With an SD card form factor, microP2 cards will ensure high-speed transfer, high reliability and the writing assurance for P2 frame rates, formats and codecs (With the exception of 1080/60p/ 50p within class 200. Please note, 1080/60p class 100 is supported by MicroP2 cards). The microP2 card’s doublelayered UHS-II interface facilitates transfer speeds of 2.0 Gpbs (1.7 times faster than standard P2 media, and 12x faster than ordinary SD media). Reliability is defined by Proof7 strength (resistance to water/dust, static electricity, bending and twisting, magnet, X-ray, wide temperature range, and safety built-in-fuse); a flash memory error correction system, equivalent to a RAID system, to greatly strengthen data retention reliability; a Lifetime Counter that gives a notification when the card approaches the end of its life cycle, which is defined as reusable for up to five years when recorded on once daily, at full capacity; 100% screened flash memory; a Content Protection System (CPS) that password-protects the card; and a QR code for scanning and identification. The microP2 drive and microP2 Adapter both feature CPS password protection. The microP2 drive has a USB 3.0 interface for transfer speeds up to 2.0 Gbps, and its two slots accommodate offloading of spanned clips.

To use the microP2 card adapter, a firmware upgrade of current P2 hardware is required.
P2 hardware can be upgraded to microP2 use on the following schedule:

Upgrade Availability Models Covered
April 2013 Camorders: AG-HPX250, AG-HPX255, AG-HPX600
Deck: AG-HPD24
Drives: AJ-PCD20, AJ-PCD35, AJ-PCD30, AJ-PCD2
May 2013 Camcorder: AJ-HPX3100
June 2013 Camcorder: AG-HPX370
Recorder: AG-HPG20
August 2013 Camcorder: AJ-HP2000
Recorders: AJ-HPM200, AJ-PD2500
To download the free upgrade, or find out more about microP2, please visit the new microP2 site:


microP2 Card
64 GB microP2 Card. Supports up to AVC-ULTRA class200 with up to 2.0Gbps high speed data transfer. SD Card form factor using super fast UHSII New Interface. Compatible with P2 camcorders and recording utilizing microP2 Card slots, as well as with compatible products utilizing the optional AJ-P2AD1 microP2 Adapter. Built-in RAID system for reliability. CPS (Content Protection System) for media security.

AJ-MPD1 microP2 Drive
microP2 Drive with two microP2 Card slots. USB 3.0 (Type-B) Interface (USB 2.0 backward compatible). Uses USB3.0 Bus Power. Includes USB cable. Supports OS, including Windows 8/Windows 7/XP, Mac OS X 10.6,10.7,10.8. Supports all P2 frame rates and formats supported by microP2 cards.

AJ-P2AD1 microP2 Adapter
microP2 Adapter allows for usage of microP2 Cards in compatible P2 camcorder and recorders (with upgraded firmware). Supports one microP2 Card. Also supports Class 10 SD Memory cards are bit rates
below 50 Mbps. SD UHSII ~ P2 Card Bus.

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Panasonic 64GB Microp2 Fast Memory UHS-II Card
Panasonic 64GB Microp2 Fast Memory UHS-II Card

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