Onsmo Starter Studio Light Double Fluorobox Kit
Onsmo Starter Studio Light Double Fluorobox Kit

Onsmo Starter Studio Light Double Fluorobox Kit

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Key Features

  • Easy to setup, just plug and play, 1 switch only, no need tune this and that.
  • Can shoot at large aperture and get the thin depth you want.
  • Cheap replacement tube and long life span.
  • Good for children and babies shoots
  • Can use to illuminate your own room

This is a continuous fluorescent lighting kit with softboxes. This lighting kit will work for simple product photos to portraiture and dv interviews or even a mini feature.

These softboxes go together with a simple push in the center and will be ready for work in seconds.

This kit is centered around these new 85 watt high output compact fluorescent lamps that produce 300 watts of useable light each. These lamps were developed specifically for digital imaging.

Flicker free and daylight balanced (5100K), this lighting kit gives you that soft, wrap around light that eliminates harsh shadows and hotspots. Works great for portraiture or product photography.

This is compatible with all digital or film cameras and software.


i. can be used by real professional wedding shooters during situation like make up sessions (at rooms etc), and also few other situations.
Good camera and 2.8 lens usually required. This is for pro shooters who dont like to use on shoe flash, to maintain the ambient.

ii. can be used by professional CINEMATOGRAPHER, during wedding events, also to shoot make up sessions, games,
and also during dinners can be used on stage shooting. Used by local pro and proven already

  • 2 x Fluorobox 50x70cm
  • 2 x Fluorocent tube (150w)
  • 2 x BB Light Stand (1.9m)

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