Olympus FL-36R Wireless Electronic Bounce & Swivel Head Flash (GN 36)

Olympus FL-36R Wireless Electronic Bounce & Swivel Head Flash (GN 36)



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Olympus FL-36R Wireless Electronic Bounce & Swivel Head Flash (GN 36)

Forget dealing with cumbersome cables when wanting to get perfect lighting for your photographic subjects. Thanks to the new Olympus remote control (RC) wireless flash units FL-50R and FL-36R, cordless lighting set-ups are a convenient reality.

Both are ideal for use with the Olympus E-3 professional D-SLR which enables the control of up to three different flash groups directly from the camera no separate commander unit is required. Photographers benefit from extreme flash unit versatility and never again need to be hindered in the studio or in the field by troublesome wires.

Giving professionals the freedom and control they need to operate effectively in the studio or in the field, the FL-50R and FL-36R flash units enable flash photography minus the complication of cords and inconvenient set-ups. Control is possible directly from the camera without the need for cables.

These units represent the ideal accompaniment to the Olympus E-3, which features a newly-developed RC Data Transfer System that transmits data optically. This significantly reduces the power consumption of the built-in flash when being used as the system commander. A wide range of flash-related settings can also be easily accessed and adjusted using the camera's LCD panel as the user interface.

Moreover, flash control is available in three groups, allowing flash mode and compensation settings to be set independently for each group thus enabling ultra-precise illumination.

Four remote control communication channels can be set by the user to avoid interference with other peripherals in the vicinity. Photographers also have the option to control wireless transmission distance by choosing between three signal strengths for a range of up to 10m. And both flash models incorporate adjustable heads which can be swivelled without impeding their ability to communicate.

Using their slave function, the FL-50R and FL-36R can also be used with other Olympus SLRs with manual flash facility and Olympus SP series cameras capable of slave mode operation. Furthermore, both models can also be interlocked with a large strobe in the studio.

The irradiation angle of each flash unit can be set either by automatic zooming according to the interchangeable lens used or manually. Thanks to a built-in wide panel, the expansive irradiation angle required with a focal distance of 8mm (equivalent to 16mm in 35mm terms) is covered.

Enhancing mobility, the lightweight FL-36R boasts power in a compact design. The flash unit allows 1/8EV-step accuracy to satisfy the high light metering precision digital photography demands. And with GN20 at a focal length of 12mm (equiv. to 24mm; ISO 100) and GN36 at 42mm (equiv. to 84mm; ISO 100), this wireless flash unit is particularly well-suited for high-action assignments.


  • GN36 power
  • Wireless remote control in three groups (A, B and C)
  • Control settings directly from camera LCD
  • Choice of four channels to avoid interference
  • Extendable transmission distance
  • Option of TTL Auto, Auto and Manual modes
  • Compact design and light weight
  • Energy-saving circuitry
  • Bounce and swivel head
  • Super FP Mode up to 1/4000th sec
  • Flash coverage is automatically adjusted in several steps to correspond to the focal length of the lens when zooming
  • Flash intensity setting in 1/8 EV steps possible with Olympus E-System D-SLR
  • Red-eye reduction, slow synch and 2nd curtain synch


  • Olympus FL-36R Wireless Electronic Bounce & Swivel Head Flash (GN 36)
  • Built-in Wide Panel
  • FS-FLRA1 Reflector Adaptor
  • FS-FLST1 Flash Stand

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