Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Head Only
Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Head Only

Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Head Only



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The Olympus UFL-2 is designed to work perfectly with Olympus digital SLR cameras in compatible underwater housings. The strobe is packed with features to meet the challenges of digital photography in the underwater environment. The strobe can be fired with an Olympus sync cord connected to the housing's bulkhead, or with a fiber optic cable connecting the strobe's slave sensor with the camera's built-in flash. Both TTL and manual exposure is supported. You can even control the strobe's power in remote control mode through the camera's control panel.

The strobe's Auto-Focus Illuminator Light will allow your camera to focus on night dives or inside caves and wrecks. Other features include manual control power dial, test button and a easy to see control panel. In FP mode you can even sync to fast shutter speeds.

Strobes are extremely important for your underwater imaging system. The ocean is one big, blue filter. As you descend, the reds and oranges quickly become muted shades of blue and gray. Firing a color corrected strobe light on your subject will bring back your subject's natural color. With a recycle time of approximately five seconds, a 78° beam angle and a guide number that varies from 20 to 36, this strobe will help you to produce stunning underwater photographs.


Strobe head only
Guide No.
20 to 36
Power Rating
Not Specified by Manufacturer
Coverage Angle
Depth Rating
200' (60 m)
Flash Modes
TTL auto, Auto, Manual, FP TTL auto, FP manual, Romote control, Slave atuto, Slave manual
Exposure Control
Control dial
Targeting Light
Audible Signal
Color Temperature
5400° K
Recycle Time
5-Second with NiMH batteries
Flashes (Full Power)
200 with NiMH batteries at full power
Power Source
AA bateries x2
3.54 x 4.33 x 5.51" (90 x 110 x 140mm)
Weight (Land)
14.99 oz (425g)

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Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Head Only
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Olympus UFL-2 Strobe Head Only

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