Olympus 2GB xD-Picture Card (Type M+)

Olympus 2GB xD-Picture Card (Type M+)



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Olympus 2GB xD-Picture Card (Type M+)

Olympus 2GB xD-Picture Cards (Type M+) are compact, durable; reusable and removable digital media that provides high storage capacities for high resolution images. They also offer compatibility with most xD-compatible devices and are the only xD-Picture Cards to support the Panorama function found with Olympus digital cameras.

xD-Picture Cards keeps your photo, movie and other files safe and sound so you can enjoy them any way you want (viewing, sharing, slideshows, etc.) and any time. The compact size lets you carry them anywhere and because it's compatible with many reader/writers, you can download data to a computer or another device in a jiffy.

The Type M+ xD-Picture card is compatible with all xD-compatible cameras and is 1.5 times faster than the previous Type M card. The increase in speed may be useful in sequential shooting of digital stills and in the recording of high-density video with Olympus cameras.

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