Olympus Penpal PP-1 Cube Bluetooth
Olympus Penpal PP-1 Cube Bluetooth

Olympus Penpal PP-1 Cube Bluetooth



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Key Features

  • Sends Photos From PEN Camera
  • Transmits to Smartphone, Computer, etc.
  • Stores Up to 2600 Photos
  • Uses Bluetooth Technology
  • Compatible With E-PL2

If you have an E-PL2 PEN camera, this Olympus Penpal Cube Bluetooth will put your photography firmly into the 21st century, technologically speaking--the Penpal snaps into the accessory port 2 of your E-PL2 PEN camera and allows you to wirelessly send photos to your friends, your own smartphone or laptop computer, or even another PEN camera. Using the widely compatible Bluetooth standard, the Penpal is an easy, non-technical way to make your photos Internet-ready. You don't have to worry about re-sizing or re-formatting your pictures--just send them to your mobile phone and they're ready to be posted to Facebook or other social networks. You can store up to 2600 photos on the Penpal.

Note! Do not use Olympus PENPAL outside the country or area of purchase. Depending on the country or area you are in, the usage may infringe wave regulations.

  • Sends photos from E-PL2 PEN camera to your smartphone, computer, or another PEN camera.
  • Stores up to 2600 photos
  • Uses Bluetooth technology
Dimensions 1.12 x 1.04 x 1.5" (2.86 x 2.66 x 3.83 cm)
Weight 0.45 0z (13 g)
Olympus Penpal Cube Bluetooth

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Olympus Penpal PP-1 Cube Bluetooth
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Olympus Penpal PP-1 Cube Bluetooth