Olight S2R Baton II Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Black)
Olight S2R Baton II Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Black)

Olight S2R Baton II Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Black)



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Key Features

  • For Camping, EDC, General Use
  • 0.5- to 1150-Lumen Outputs
  • One Luminus SST-40 Cool White LED
  • Disorienting/Signal Strobe Mode

An upgrade from its earlier iteration, the redesigned black Olight S2R Baton II Rechargeable LED Flashlight is built to be your go-to everyday carry (EDC) light—giving you a versatile and powerful illumination tool for camping, fishing, or just stowing it in the car or junk drawer, ready for any emergency. This new version of the S2R features a shorter length for better portability, a reengineered magnetic charger that is smaller and charges your light faster, and an upgraded Total Internal Reflection lens that produces a better beam design.

Its single Luminus SST-40 cool white LED is driven by a proprietary rechargeable battery that outputs a darkness-piercing 1150 lumens in turbo mode that steps down to 400 lumens after a few minutes. For tasks like reading without disturbing sleeping tent-mates, it has a low output of just 0.5 lumens that provides an amazing runtime of up to 2 months. Intermediate outputs of 15 and 120 lumens allow you to tailor the amount of light to any given situation. A single push button on the handle provides access to the intensity levels, modes, and functions like a strobe, an auto-off timer, and switch lockout. The battery is charged in the handle using Olight's magnetic charging system, which eliminates integrated charging ports that tend to be a point of failure for the waterproofing.

The housing is made of a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy that is treated with a black scratch-resistant anodized finish. Olight designed the handle to fit in the hand comfortably and carved a texture into it to ensure a solid and secure grip even in cold and wet conditions. Measuring just 4" long and weighing 3.5 ounces with the battery, the light has a magnetic charging base on the tailcap that sticks to any ferrous metal like a car hood. The S2R Baton II is the ideal EDC light for duty and recreation; and for easy carrying, Olight includes a reversible and removable clip for it.

Light Performance

  • Level 1: Low 0.5-lumen (Moonlight) output maximizes battery runtime to 60 days while enabling the user to perform limited close-up tasks like reading or keeping monsters at bay
  • Level 2: 15-lumen output is ideal for lighting car trunks, bags, and other small spaces
  • Level 3: 120-lumen output lights up medium-size areas like tents, rooms, and campsites
  • Level 4: 400-lumen output can be used for safe navigation, clearing rooms, or search and rescue operations
  • Turbo: Bright 1150 lumens throws the maximum amount of light for illuminating large areas
  • One Luminus SST-40 CW LED approximates the color of daylight, making it easier on the eyes than the typical harsh light from conventional LEDs
  • Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens system produces a smooth pre-focused beam without holes or hotspots
  • Strobe mode can be used to signal or disorient potential threats


  • Location: Body
  • Simple and intuitive push button
  • Constant-on activation only
  • Last output memory returns the light to the previously selected intensity (excluding turbo and strobe modes)
  • Instant access to low moonlight and maximum turbo modes
  • Auto-off timers, selectable at either 3- or 9-minute duration before shutting off
  • Switch lockout function prevents accidental activation when stowed or if strict light discipline needs to be observed

Construction Details

  • Extremely compact and lightweight, but very powerful
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy housing
  • Scratch-resistant black hard-anodized finish
  • Use the magnetic charger connection on the tailcap to adhere the light to any ferrous metal and use as a hands-free work light
  • Tested impact resistance to 5 feet (1.5m)
  • Waterproof IPX8 rating allows the light to be submerged to 3.3' for up to 30 minutes
  • Textured handle ensures a positive slip-resistant grip even in cold and wet conditions
  • Reversible and removable pocket clip
  • Compact 4-inch length is easy to pack and carry
  • Lightweight at just 3.5 ounces, including the battery


  • Runs on one included proprietary rechargeable 3200mAh 18650 lithium battery
  • Charging status indicator integrated into the push button switch
  • Magnetic charging allows the battery pack to be charged in the light while eliminating charging ports that can leak if the cover is not properly seated and void the waterproof rating and lead to water damage
  • Included magnetic charging cable plugs into standard USB chargers for 110 VAC wall power, 12 VDC car/vehicle power, or power banks with 2A USB ports
  • Capable of running on other 18650 or two CR123 disposable batteries with reduced performance—DO NOT use charger with these batteries, even rechargeables
Lumen Output 5 Levels: 0.5 to 1150 Lumens
Illumination Source 1 x White LED
Input Charging Port Magnetic
Weapon Mountable Yes
Estimated Runtime Proprietary Lithium: 0.1 to 1440 Hours
Battery Type 1 x 18650 Lithium-Ion
Charging Time 4.5 Hours
Material of Construction Aluminum
Water Resistance Waterproof, IPX8
Impact Resistance Yes, 4.9' / 1.5 m
Bezel Diameter 1.0" / 2.5 cm
Dimensions ø: 0.9 x L: 3.9" / ø: 2.3 x L: 10.0 cm
Weight 3.47 oz / 98.5 g
  • Olight S2R Baton II Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Black)
  • Lanyard
  • Reversible Clip
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Rechargeable Battery

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Olight S2R Baton II Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Black)
Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
Olight S2R Baton II Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Black)