Nissin Di866 Mark II Flash For Sony Alpha DSLR Cameras (Import)
Nissin Di866 Mark II Flash For Sony Alpha DSLR Cameras (Import)

Nissin Di866 Mark II Flash For Sony Alpha DSLR Cameras (Import)



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Key Features

  • Number of Flashes: 150-1500 times
  • Flash Duration: Manual mode 1/300 sec (Full Power), TTL mode 1/300-1/30000 sec
  • Energy Saving: Auto power off Off, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 mins; Stand-by mode 30 sec.; Display off Display screen switch off
  • Color Temperature: 5600K
  • Sub-flash: Manual Full - 1/8, 1Ev steps
  • AF assist light distance : 0.7-10m
  • External power pack socket : Nissin Power Pack PS-300

Nissin's Di866 Mark II Flash for Sony is a full-featured dedicated shoe-mount flash for use with Sony DSLR cameras. It's got a guide number of 198' (ISO100 at 105mm), and is fully wired for TTL use with Sony cameras, as well as wireless TTL (4 channels, 3 groups) use as either a master or slave flash. The Di866 Mark II covers a range from 24-105mm (18mm with the built-in wide-angle diffuser), and has +/- 3 f-stop Ev compensation on the flash, as well as a My TTL setting with +/- 3 f-stop compensation. Rear curtain and high speed sync are both available. Power is variable from full power to 1/128 in 1/3 f-stop steps, and the flash duration varies from 1/300 second at full power to 1/30000 second. There's an X terminal for flash synchronization, as well as a USB port for firmware updates. This is a 21st century flash.

Color and Auto Rotate Display
The Color Display will automatically follow camera angle in different positions and a six-icon interface (representing Auto, TTL, Manual/Av, Multi, Wireless TTL (Master/Remote) and Customer Setting menus) for user-friendly operation.
Various Functions--TTL, Manual/Av, Multi-Flash
TTL: Supports Sony. Flash output is automatically controlled by the camera but the flash exposure value can be compensated.
Manual: Flash power can be adjusted manually at 22 levels, from full power to 1/128 power at 1/3 stop steps. The appropriate distance to the subject is shown in the display in accordance with the aperture value set on the camera.
Av priority: The flash output can be automatically controlled by the photo sensor built in to the flash unit instead of TTL metering. The f-stop can be set from f1.4-f16. The distance at the f-stop set on the flash and camera is shown in the display.
Multi Flash: The power ratio can be set from 1/8 to 1/128.
The Best Solution for Off-Camera Flash Techniques
The Di866 Wireless TTL system supports Sony. The Di866 can be used as either Master or Remote (Slave). The Di866 also supports digital (pre-flash system) and analogue (film type camera's flash and/or studio flash under both of Manual and Av. priority mode. Multi-Flash: Repeating flash for multi-exposure image in one frame. The power ratio can be set from 1/8 to 1/128.
The Di866 provides an extra small flash below the main flash. This small flash gives a fill-in light while bouncing the main flash. Bouncing the light may shadow the underside of face, and this fill-in flash brightens up the shadow.
Auto Zoom
Auto Zoom covers 24-105mm focal range. Light diffusing panel covers wide 18mm (35mm format).
TTL exposure level is accurately calibrated for standard balance in accordance with Nissin's standard. If any adjustment is required, or if you like to set your own level, it can be adjusted for about +/- 3Ev. in 1/3 stop steps.
Quick Loading Battery Magazine
The Di866 has a convenient battery magazine that provides all four AA-size batteries slot in the same direction, so that the batteries will be correctly inserted even in poor light.
External Service Box
External Power Pack Socket - Di866 supports Nissin Power Pack PS 300.
X terminal - Di866 has X-terminal socket for flash synchronization.
USB Service Port - Di866 provides a USB port to update the latest firmware.
Rear Curtain Sync and High Speed Shutter
In rear curtain sync, the flash fires just before the rear curtain closes. By using this function at slow shutter speed, a moving subject will appear with such moving marks behind. High speed sync is recommended for daylight flash photography.
Light Modifiers
Fill-in reflector and light diffusing panel are built-in.
Compatible Cameras
Sony ALPHA 100/200/230/290/300/330/350/380/450/500/550/580/700/850/900
Mount Shoe
Guide No. 198' (60.35 m) ISO100 at 105 mm position
Vari-Power 1/1 - 1/128
TTL Dedication Yes
Bounce Head Yes
Swivel Head Yes
Coverage 24 mm - 105 mm (Full frame)
Zoom Head Full frame: 24 mm - 105 mm
Recycle Time Approximately 0.1 - 5.5 seconds
Power Source 4x AA Alkaline, Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
Dimensions (WxHxD) 5.3 x 2.9 x 4.3" / 13.4 x 7.4 x 10.9 cm
Weight 13.4 oz / 380 g Without battery
Nissin Di866 Mark II Flash for Sony
  • Soft Pouch
  • Flash Stand With Tripod Screw
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