Nanguang CN-8F
Nanguang CN-8F

Nanguang CN-8F



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Key Features

  • High CRI LED bulb with standard color temperature, produce the pictures as natural as you saw flicker free, can dim from 0%-100%
  •  Achieve the shooting requirement between focusing and flooding from 10°-60°by dim the shooting angle smoothly
  •  Suitable for various shooting environment with the special dimming design for brightness and focusing.
  •  With excellent heat dissipation system, keep it working continuously with perfect lighting source.
  • 5Multiple power source: 7-12V DC,AA battery*6pcs, Sony NP-F/FM/FH series battery, Panasonic CGR-F series battery.


NanGuang CN-8F adopts high CRI LED bulb with standard color temperature, can produce the pictures as natural as you saw. It’s a professional photography lighting.

Suitable for Photo studio, outdoor and indoor shooting and so on.


Power Source:  7-12V DC ; AA battery ( 6pcs )

                         Panasonic CGR-D series battery 

                         Sony NP-FH , NP-FM , NP-F series battery 

Power :  8W

CRI: 95

Illumination : 560LM

Color temperature : 5600K

Brightness control : Dimmer 

Dimension : 165mm * 135mm *80mm

Weight : about 325g

Configuration : Filters, barndoors ,AA battery box , Frame for French Cokin filter 

Nanguang CN-8F

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Nanguang CN-8F
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Nanguang CN-8F