Eye Mirror 360 Degree Lens for Any Camera

Eye Mirror 360 Degree Lens for Any Camera

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Eye Mirror 360 Degree Lens for Any Camera

Capture more of your life using your compact camera, DSLR, video camera or even underwater camera. It can attach to any cameras filter thread or tripod screw hole (with the compact or DSLR adapter) to produce amazing interactive 360 degree video or still images.

You can then share 360 video or 360 images online with your friends simply by uploading your videos to our Eye Mirror site, or you can upload them to your own web site. In most cases without any processing needed.

The product, how does it work?
The Eye Mirror Lens can simply screw onto the front of your video camera or DSLR. Using the compact adapter pictured below you can use your compact camera. The GP360 GoPro version has its own GoPro style housing that you can simply put the camera into.

The EyeMirror lens allows you to shoot interactive 360º degree video we call EyeVids or 360º still images. Simply point your camera up and start recording. Once you have finished shooting simply upload your video to our web site and then you can share links to your friends and family.


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