JJC LED-35 Mini LED Light

JJC LED-35 Mini LED Light



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JJC LED-35 Mini LED Light

JJC LED-35 Mini LED light is designed for digital cameras and camcorders with standard ISO hot shoe or SONY/Minolta hot shoe mount. If your camera or camcorder does not have a shoe mount, it also can be installed with video bracket(option accessory).


Heat free LED technology

Fills in shadows

Brings eyes to life

Vastly improves skin tone

Produces bright, HD-friendly soft light

Flicker free light output

Never change a hot lamp again (50,000 hr LED life)

All-in-one camera light w/no external cables

Uses standard or rechargeable AA batteries

Lightweight and compact

Free hot shoe converter for SONY hot shoe mount


Size: 84 mm x 53 mm x 35 mm (without shoe)

Weight: Under 2.43 oz (69g)

Power Draw: 2.2 watts

Power supply: 2 AA batteries

Daylight Output (5000°K-6000°K)

Brightness: 105cd-140cd

JJC LED-35 Mini LED Light

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