Metz BL-400 SB-KIT II
Metz BL-400 SB-KIT II

Metz BL-400 SB-KIT II



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Key Features

  • Full studio set with studio flashes
  • Powerful 400 Ws studio flash units
  • Set includes 2 flashheads with accessories
  • Additional tripods and soft boxes
  • Comes in a handy carring case

Metz Mecastudio BL-400 Twin Head Studio Flash Kit is everything you need for perfect lighting. The Basic Line studio flash units will make all your wishes come true.

You're perfectly equipped with Basic Line studio kits from Metz - our Basic Line kits provide you with the perfect introductory package to the world of private studio photography. With two flash units and lighting tripods, 2 soft boxes* and a practical carry bag, you can take your basic equipment with you wherever you go.

The Basic Line studio flash units from Metz will make all your wishes come true - from the level of flash output right through to numerous setting options for creative lighting.


mecastudio BL-400
Flash output 400 Ws
Guide number 65
Power range over 6 f-stops, adjustable in 1⁄10 f-stop increments
Recycling time 110 V 0.5–2.5 sec
Recycling time 230 V 0.5–2.7 sec
Shortest flash duration t 0.5: 1⁄700 sec
Modelling light 0–75 W
Colour temperature 5500–6000 K
Flash tube and modelling light user-defined
Synchronisation test button, sync socket, phototube
Practical bayonet connection Bowens-compatible
Multi Voltage AC power supply with auto detection 90-130 V 60 Hz / 190-250 V 50 Hz
Diameter 12.5 cm
Length 22.5 cm
Weight 1170 g
Included as standard flex, sync cables (3.5 mm TRS connector on PC plug), protective cap, operating instructions
Air-cushioned lighting tripod LS-200 200 cm. height
Soft box SB 50-70 50 × 70 cm
mecastudio bag B-80 79.5 × 30 × 31.5 cm

Metz BL-400 SB-KIT II

  • 2 × mecastudio studio flash unit BL-400 incl. 2 × flex, 2 × 3.5 mm sync cable, 2 × protective cap
  • 2 × air-cushioned lighting tripod LS-200, 200 cm
  • 2 × soft box SB 50-70
  • 1 × bag B-80 for up to 2 studio flash units and accessories

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Metz BL-400 SB-KIT II
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Metz BL-400 SB-KIT II