Metz 44 AF-1 mecablitz TTL Shoe Mount Flash for Canon DSLR
Metz 44 AF-1 mecablitz TTL Shoe Mount Flash for Canon DSLR

Metz 44 AF-1 mecablitz TTL Shoe Mount Flash for Canon DSLR



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With its slim-line design and new quick lock system for the unit base, the mecablitz 44 AF-1 E-TTL-/E-TTL-II digital is the perfect solution for price-conscious amateur photographers. The clear control panel on the back of the unit impresses with its simple operation; offering a high level of functional reliability. The high performance design affords reserve power in any photo situation (max. guide number 44 for ISO 100/21deg. and 105 mm).

Depending on the camera, it has the appropriate application possibilities for any lighting conditions in TTL mode. The photographer can manually set up to 4 partial light levels enabling manipulation of lighting effects. With the appropriate camera model the mecablitz can also be synchronized to the first or second shutter curtain enabling variable options for creative lighting.

Depending on the camera, the Metz 44 AF-1 also offers a slave mode, making wireless TTL flash child's play - and opening up new dimensions in flash photography. Its motor zoom function (24 -105 mm), the fully swiveling reflector with flip-out reflector card and the integrated wide-angle diffuser (12 mm) afford the photographer additional creative scope.


Dedicated flash unitCanon
Color temperature approx.5600 K
GN with ISO 100 and 35 mm res. 50 mm32
GN with ISO 100 and max. zoom44
Partial light output increments4
TTL flash mode (without preflash)Yes
Manual flash modeYes
Canon E-TTL remote mode as slaveYes
Illumination onwards (35mm format)12
Main reflector tilt / swivelYes / Yes
Vertical range in deg.-7 - +90
Horizontal range in deg.300
Motor zoom main reflectorYes
Motor zoom main reflector with automaticYes
Zoom positions of main reflector in mm24/28/35/50/70/85/105 (35mm format)
Wide angle diffuser for illumination12 (35mm format)
Reflector card for main reflectorYes
Indication of flash readinessYes
Correct exposure indication on flashYes
Canon E-TTL-/E-TTL-II flash modeYes / Yes
Canon FE lockYes E-TTL- and E-TTL-II flash mode
Automatic fill-in flashYes
Indication of flash readinessYes
Automatic flash sync speed controlYes
Automatic AF assist beamYes
Firmware update by Metz serviceYes
Firmware update via USB socketYes
Automatic cut off (auto off)Yes
Wake up function by cameraYes
Use with alkaline batteries (1.5 V)Yes
Nicad batteries res. hydride batteriesYes (1.2 V)
Use with lithium batteries (1.5 V)Yes
Use with alkaline batteries (1.5 V)220
Use with NiMh batteries270 (1.2 V/1600 mAh)
Use with lithium batteries (AA, 1.5 V)450
Use with alkaline batteries (1.5 V)0.1 / 3
Nicad batteries res. hydride batteries0.1 / 3 (1.2 V)
Use with lithium batteries (1.5 V)0.1 / 4
Dimensions (L x H x D)73 x 128 x 105 mm / 2.87" x 5.03" x 4.13"
Weight320 g / 11.28 oz


  • Metz 44 AF-1 mecablitz TTL Shoe Mount Flash

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Shaifful Jufri
it's very upset to receive the item in a good condition but it's not working. Then you need to wait for a replacement in which you didn't know when it's going to be.
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