Metz BL-200 Single Studio Flash
Metz BL-200 Single Studio Flash

Metz BL-200 Single Studio Flash


SSK # MTZ-BL-200

1 Year Metz Warranty

Shopping Point 3.675 = RM3.68

Key Features

  • Flash output: 200 Ws
  • Colour temp: 5500–6000 K

The METZ BL- 200 SINGLE STUDIO FLASH LIGHT is a Basic Line studio flash unit from Metz that enhances the level of flash output and gives numerous setting options for creative lighting. Whether it’s a portrait shot, product photo or artistic still life – it’s the light that makes the picture. Unlike when you’re out in the open, in a photographer's studio you have full control over the lighting.

Aided by high-performance studio flash units and the proper equipment, extraordinary possibilities for creative lighting open up. The METZ BL- 200 SINGLE STUDIO FLASH LIGHT has the perfect solution for professionals and ambitious amateurs.

mecastudio BL-200
Flash output 200 Ws
Guide number 45
Power range over 6 f-stops, adjustable in 1⁄10 f-stop increments
Recycling time 110 V 0.4–1.6 sec
Recycling time 230 V 0.4–2.0 sec
Shortest flash duration t 0.5: 1⁄980 sec
Modelling light 0–75 W
Colour temperature 5500–6000 K
Flash tube and modelling light user-defined
Synchronisation test button, sync socket, phototube
Practical bayonet connection Bowens-compatible
Multi Voltage AC power supply with auto detection 90-130 V 60 Hz / 190-250 V 50 Hz
Diameter 12.5 cm
Length 22.5 cm
Weight 1020 g
Included as standard standard reflector, flex, sync cable, (3.5 mm TRS connector on PC plug), protective cap, operating instructions
Metz BL-200 Single Flash

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Metz BL-200 Single Studio Flash
Metz BL-200 Single Studio Flash