Mennon White Balance Cap - 62mm
Mennon White Balance Cap - 62mm

Mennon White Balance Cap - 62mm



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This brand new White Balance Cap made of durable plastic with neutral tone, suitable for use with any digital SLR and digital video camera with a white balance function and consists of 3 parts: filter mount, detachable cap and a hand strap. A simple instruction manual is included with the Lens Cap.


  • Capture Accurate Color
  • Works in Mixed and Difficult Lighting
  • Replace Your Gray Cards and White Cards
  • Convenient, fast and easy-to-use
  • Reclaim Time Spent Correcting Color
  • Affordable for amateur and enthusiast photographers
  • Functions as a Lens Cap
White Balance Calibration Steps
  1. To use this White Balance Cap simply attach the cap and set custom white balance on your camera.
  2. Set the manual mode on your camera for White Balance.
  3. Attach the lens cap to the lens.
  4. Set the lens focus length to telephoto mode.
  5. Aim your camera to the photographed object.
  6. Keep the white balanced value.

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Mennon White Balance Cap - 62mm
In Stock
Mennon White Balance Cap - 62mm