[DEAL] Matin Neoprene Bag Strap (Weight Reduction System!)
[DEAL] Matin Neoprene Bag Strap (Weight Reduction System!)

[DEAL] Matin Neoprene Bag Strap (Weight Reduction System!)



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Your bag has never been so light before!

Matin high quality neoprene bag strap is made from neoprene material, the same material used to protect scuba divers from the harsh sea.

The nature characteristics of neoprene material that is thick, soft yet strong enough to hold high weight, absorb most of the weight from the bag and gives unprecedented comfort to the shoulder and back.


Slip proof backing design of Matin neoprene bag strap prevents the strap and bag from falling off the shoulder. The strap fits all bags that have a loop for the buckle of the strap to go though. High quality anti-rust buckle make it easy to attach and detach.


Adjusters are made of high quality plastic, prevent rust over time.

Reviews [DEAL] Matin Neoprene Bag Strap (Weight Reduction System!)

This strap is GREAT. Not sure if it actually reduces weight, but because the strap is wide and comfortably padded, it never 'eats' or bites into your shoulder like other straps do. I used it as the strap for a duffel bag while travelling recently, and it was very helpful to have such a comfortable strap. Highly recommended if you are looking for a low-cost, high quality strap.
Wan Abdul Malikh
It is as good as what you see in the photos. The material from the hook and the belt is of good quality. I'm not so sure about the weight reduction but the neoprene material provide comfortable cushion and it doesn't slip like most fabric straps/belt.
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[DEAL] Matin Neoprene Bag Strap (Weight Reduction System!)
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
[DEAL] Matin Neoprene Bag Strap (Weight Reduction System!)

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