Matin Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth (Tricot) - Medium (250 x 350mm)
Matin Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth (Tricot) - Medium (250 x 350mm)

Matin Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth (Tricot) - Medium (250 x 350mm)



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Key Features

  • High Class cleaner for glasses, coating lens
  • Very strong & durable
  • External Measurements: 250 x 350 (mm)
  • Washable

MAGIC CLEANER is produced from Ultra-fine 0.1 denier (a unit of measure of linear density of fiber mass) microfibres for optimum softness and density. It absorbs dirt, grease and moisture more effectively than natural chamois leather, leaving a spot-free finish without scratching.

To clean, hand wash in warm water (up to 30 degree C).

MAGIC CLEANER is made of Tricot, 20% nylon and 80% polyester.

Specially made for lens and camera body cleaning!


A microfiber is a high-tech special superfine fiber processed to be shrunk to a point where it's thickness is below 1/100 of human hair, and a triangle-shaped fiber has more distinguished absoption force of water and moisture than existing cotton products.

Matin Microfiber Test

Made by MATIN Korea!

Reviews Matin Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth (Tricot) - Medium (250 x 350mm)

Suprisingly, my micro fiber cleaning cloth is still in good condition despite all this year. Very good product. Bought on April 2010. Still going strong on this product
Good quality product and fast delivery.
Chong Zhi Wei
Pros: - Picks up grease like it's nothing. - Great for wiping off moisture or even rain water when shoot in rain. Cons: - This shouldn't happen but mine leaves some dust or hair or something on the lens, I use a blower to blow off the dusts. - Scratches my B+W filter once, you *have* to keep the cloth clean all the time, otherwise you're better off with lens tissue Other thoughts: Takes forever to dry after you wash it...
David Tan Teng Hui
This is a must have cleaning tools for every photographer to clean their lens and etc. I'm impressed with this Micro fiber cloth which can help up more than 90% cleaner compare with normal cloth use for glass cleaning. As for price, i believe a standard micro fiber cloth cost more in normal shop we found in Malaysia, the price for this Matin is dirt cheap! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !
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