MAPIR Mapping Solution Camera (See Blue Light)
MAPIR Mapping Solution Camera (See Blue Light)

MAPIR Mapping Solution Camera (See Blue Light)



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This camera sees only Blue Light, which is commonly used for combining with a Red and Green Light camera to produce a Visible Light (RGB) image.
Camera captures a photo every 3 seconds. For best results, we recommend a survey overlap of at least 85% front-lap and 70% side-lap and a maximum 5f/s (1.5m/s) speed for every 65ft (20m) of altitude (AGL).

We picked leaves from the same plant in 4 levels of health and arranged them on our board from top to bottom: newest growth, normal healthy growth, dying growth, and dead leaves that had fallen off. The leaves were placed on black painted particle board on grey cement and photographed in two groups from a height of about 5 feet. The leaves on the left side of the board were placed so that the side normally facing towards the sun is up and on the right side they were flipped over revealing the bottom of the leaf. Up to 4 MAPIR cameras were mounted on the underside of the 3DR SOLO in our Quad mount and the entire UAV handheld while photos were captured. The first group contained a Red, Green, Blue and Infrared MAPIR camera. The second group contained a Visible Light and NDVI dual-band MAPIR camera.

The unprocessed photos:

Filter Version

Photo From MAPIR Camera (Original JPG, Cropped and Aligned)

Visible Light - RGB Visible_raw_lvl
NDVI - Blue + NIR Light ndvi_raw
Infrared Light IR_raw
Red Light Red_raw
Green Light Green_raw
Blue Light Blue_raw

Once you have the above original photos cropped and aligned in your editing program (video coming soon to show how to do this easily), you will want to proceed to post processing them.

Image Resolution 12 MegaPixel (4,032 x 3,024 px)
Lens Optics 60° HFOV (31mm), f/2.8 Aperture, -0.85% Extreme Low Distortion (Non-Fisheye) Glass Lens
Ground Sample Distance (GSD) 6.83 cm/px at 120 m (~400 ft) AGL
Capture Speed 1 Picture Every 3 Seconds (24 bit JPG)
Battery Removable Li-ion (900mAh) [Not Required When USB Powered], ≈2,500 Photos Per Charge
Weight 47g (1.7 oz) [Without Battery], 64g (2.3 oz) [With Battery]
Dimensions 59.2 x 41.0 x 29.8mm (Length x Height x Depth)
Memory Storage Micro SD (Up To 32GB Card) [32GB Card ≈ 8,400 Pictures (Fine)]
White Balance Auto* / Daylight / Cloudy / Tungsten / Fluorescent
ISO Auto* / 100 / 200 / 400
Exposure +2.0 / +1.67 / +1.33 / +1.0 / +0.67 / +0.33 / +0.0* / -0.33 / -0.67 / -1.0 / -1.33 / -1.67 / -2.0
Quality Fine* / Normal / Economy
Sharpness Strong* / Normal / Soft
LCD 1.5” Color LCD Screen
Video Out HD 1080p (HDMI Micro), SD 480p (Optional USB FPV Cable)
Power USB (Micro-A Cable Included, Optional Micro USB FPV Cable)
OSD Language English*, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean
OSD Display ON* / OFF
Wifi Wireless Mobile Android & iOS Control Viewing Application
Date Stamp ON / OFF*
Sound ON* / OFF
Auto Power Off ON / OFF*
Screensaver ON / OFF*
Vertical Rotate ON / OFF*
Included Accessories USB Charge Cable, USB Wall Charger, Waterproof Case + Mounts, Cleaning Cloth, Manual

MAPIR Camera - Blue Light

  • Camera Housing
  • Camera Cage
  • Mounting Accesories
  • Battery Charger

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MAPIR Mapping Solution Camera (See Blue Light)
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
MAPIR Mapping Solution Camera (See Blue Light)