Manfrotto MVA518W SYMPLA Adjustable Handles

Manfrotto MVA518W SYMPLA Adjustable Handles



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Key Features

  • Adjust Into Any Positions
  • Rotates 360°
  • Can Be Used Upside Down
  • Each Handle Has Its Own Lock
  • Ball Joint Operability
  • Lengths Can Be Extended
  • Can Serve as Double Pan Bars
  • Allow SYMPLA Remote Control Attachment

Manfrotto MVA518W SYMPLA Adjustable Handles

The Manfrotto SYMPLA Adjustable Handles can be set in pretty much any position -- vertical, horizontal, up-side down, and every other in between. They can be set closer together, wider apart, and rotated 360°, allowing comfort and precision. Once you find the right position, just lock it in place -- each handle has its own locking dial (and each handle can be positioned differently).

The Handles hang by ball joints (hang until locked). The flyout arms they hang from are attached to a SYMPLA Universal Mount. These arms can be angled closer together or wider apart similar to how the Handles do. Two metal spacers come included to be fitted between the Handles and flyout arms to extend the lengths of the Handles.

The Handles also play a part in incorporating remote controls into SYMPLA rigs. SYMPLA offers two different remote control units for adjusting focus on DSLRs. One of the ways of mounting these remotes is by way of the Handles. They attach to the top parts of the Handles, in conjunction with the same spacers mentioned above.

Another application to note: when used with a SYMPLA rig that's attached to a video head, the Handles can serve as double pan bars.

The Handles are designed PVC-free.

Comfort and Precision
  • Each Handle adjusts and locks into most any position
  • Can be rotated 360°, used upside down, and as pan bars
  • Accommodates the attachment of SYMPLA remote controls
Load Capacity 11 lbs (5 kg)
Weight 2 lbs (.9 kg)
Manfrotto SYMPLA Adjustable Handles
  • Universal Mount
  • 2 x Metal Spacer
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