Manfrotto MVA511WK-1 SYMPLA Shoulder Mounted Rig

Manfrotto MVA511WK-1 SYMPLA Shoulder Mounted Rig



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Key Features

  • Highly Adjustable DSLR Shoulder Rig
  • Camera Can Be Adjusted Along 3 Axes
  • Adjustable Handles
  • Handles Can Be Used as Pan Bars
  • Features Fittings for Lights / Monitors
  • Scratch Resistant 15mm Rods
  • Padded Shoulder Support
  • Counterbalance Weight

Manfrotto MVA511WK-1 SYMPLA Shoulder Mounted Rig

Sympla Shoulder Support Kit is a “ready to go” solution that includes all the necessary pieces inside one box, even the counterbalance weight.

The Shoulder Mounted Rig is one of Sympla kits and allows support of camera equipment on your shoulder, with swivel-joint handles for perfect control and flexibility. This rig is ideal for use with HDSLRs and interchangeable lens camcorders, featuring fast camera connection thanks to the sliding plate with quick release. The Variable Plate is one of the most important component of the rig. This element permits to quickly adjust the position of the camera in combination with all other accessories used, as the mattebox.

The video equipment, such as HDSLR or Camcorder, can be easily controlled accessorizing this rig with the new HDSL Remote Controls, which put camera functions at your fingertips while letting you keep a firm grip on both handles.

Kit comprises: Shoulder Mount, Shoulder Pad, 300mm Rods (4), Variable Plate, 160mm H-Offset , Adjustable Handles , Spacers for handles (2), Clips (2), Rod Connectors (2), Light Counterweight, Spacer for Counterweight with adaptor.


  • 8.07 lbs (3.66 kg)
Manfrotto MVA511WK-1 SYMPLA Shoulder Support System
  • 2 x MVA520W-1 11.8'' SYMPLA Rods (Pair)
  • MVA511W-1 SYMPLA Padded Shoulder Mount
  • Variable Plate
  • Adjustable Handles
  • H-Offset
  • MVA521L SYMPLA Light Counterweight
  • Spacer for Counterweight with Adaptor
  • 2 x Clips

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