Manfrotto KLYP Case for iPhone 4/4S + ML120 LED Light

Manfrotto KLYP Case for iPhone 4/4S + ML120 LED Light



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Key Features

  • For Improved iPhone 4/4S Image Capture
  • ML120 Pocket-12 Continuous LED Light
  • Features Manfrotto's 4-Point Rail System
  • Standard 1/4" Thread Mount
  • Snap-On Light Adapter for LED Attachment
  • Protective Felt Lined Polycarbonate Case
  • All iPhone Controls Remain Accessible

Manfrotto KLYP Case for iPhone 4/4S + ML120 LED Light

The Manfrotto KLYP Case for iPhone 4/4S + ML120 LED Light is designed to enhance photos and videos captured with your iPhone 4 or 4S. The KLYP is a polycarbonate case that encloses the iPhone; it features Manfrotto's rail system for attaching the included snap-on tripod and light adapters. These two adapters can attach to any of the four different points located around the case, allowing you to utilize the included ML120 Pocket-12 Continuous LED light, other optional LED lights from Manfrotto, and optional tripods or other support systems.

The snap-on tripod adapter provides your iPhone 4 or 4S with a standard 1/4" tripod mount, enabling use with most tripods or supports. Using this adapter the camera can be mounted for either landscape or portrait images. The snap-on light adapter provides the iPhone 4/4S with a standard shoe flash for attaching the optional Manfrotto light of your choice, including the ML120 LED which comes with the case. An attached light can be mounted to face forward or backward, to illuminate either iPhone camera.

When not mounted to the KLYP, the ML120 Pocket-12 LED light is small enough to fit in your pocket. It also attaches and detaches quickly. This 12 LED light features a color temperature of 5600K, also referred to as daylight, and provides continuous light for video capture. The light can also be attached to most DSLR and Micro Four Thirds camera's hot shoes. An included bracket allows for attachment to cameras with no hot shoe. The light has a dimmer that additionally acts as an on/off switch, it is powered by a single AAA battery, and it can be stacked with the Manfrotto Midi, Midi Plus, and Maxima lights.

In addition to mounting photo or video accessories, the KLYP can simply act as a protective case for your iPhone 4/4S. The KLYP has a felt lining that precludes scratching. And the rigid polycarbonate case has a two-part construction that closes securely around the phone, leaving all controls accessible. The case also features a soft-touch coating that gives the KLYP a smooth appearance and feel.

Two Snap-On Adapters for Achieving Better Images
The Manfrotto KLYP iPhone case has two snap-on adapters which allow you to attach photo/video accessories and supports (not included) to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. The adapters attach to any of four different points via Manfrotto's rail system. These adapters enable portrait or landscape shooting and allow a light to be mounted facing forward or backward to illuminate subjects for either iPhone camera, making it especially useful for video chat applications
Snap-On Tripod Adapter
The snap-on tripod adapter gives your iPhone 4/4S a standard 1/4" thread mount, so you can attach almost any tripod or support you choose
Snap-On Light Adapter
The snap-on light adapter gives your iPhone a standard flash shoe for mounting the optional Manfrotto LED light of your choice
ML120 Pocket-12 Continuous LED Light
The included ML120 Pocket-12 Continuous LED Light is Manfrotto's smallest LED light. It can be used with the KLYP to enhance close-up photos and videos, but is especially suited for enhancing video chats. The light can be quickly snapped on when it's needed, and removed when it's not. The LED light can be mounted to face forward or backward, to illuminate a subject for either iPhone camera
Works as a Standard iPhone 4/4S Case
The KLYP case also works as a standard iPhone 4/4S case, protecting the phone against damage while keeping it sleek when the adapters are not attached. A felt lining ensures that the case won't scratch your phone; while it's two-part construction closes securely around the phone, leaving all controls easily accessible. The KLYP is made of a rigid polycarbonate with a soft-touch coating, providing a silky smooth look and feel
Material Polycarbonate
Compatibility iPhone 4/4S
Mount Thread Standard 1/4"
On snap-on tripod adapter
Power 1 x AAA
For the ML120 LED
Weight Not specified by manufacturer
Manfrotto KLYP Case for iPhone 4/4S + ML120 LED Light
  • ML120 Pocket-12 LED Light
  • Snap-On Tripod Adapter
  • Snap-On Light Adapter
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