Manfrotto 521LX LANC Camcorder Remote Control

Manfrotto 521LX LANC Camcorder Remote Control



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Key Features

  • Connects to LANC port on Sony and Canon camcorders that have it
  • Control any camera parameter that's addressable via LANC control
  • Clamps to most video head pan handles without an adapter
  • Power button can power on/off camcorder
  • Multifunction soft thumb joystick precisely controls zoom, iris and/or focus
  • Five user-programmable buttons
  • Thumb wheel addresses backlit LCD display menu
  • Focus control switch toggles auto and manual focus
  • USB port allows updates to the firmware via the Manfrotto website
  • Zoom control potentiometer (thumbwheel) allows direct control of maximum-speed zoom (from 1 to 16)

Manfrotto 521LX LANC Camcorder Remote Control

The Manfrotto 521LX LANC Camcorder Remote Control has been designed to create an innovative interaction with camcorders that have Lanc controls (Sony Canon) The small device attaches easily to standard handles and the cable of the 521LX ports to your Sony or Canon camcorder's LANC input.

The Manfrotto 521LX can control any camera parameter that is addressable via LANC. The remote control features five user-programmable buttons, a power button (which can power on/off the camera), a bi-dimensional thumb joystick, a thumbwheel for control of the LCD menu, a zoom speed potentiometer, a USB port for firmware updates and a focus control switch to toggle between auto and manual focus.

The multifunction soft thumb joystick offers precise control over zoom, iris and/or focus. For smooth ramping, several intermediate adjustment speeds sit between the minimum and maximum. The thumb joystick moves horizontally and vertically, so two functions can be assigned to it at any one time.
Clamp Range Max (Round Tube) 0.87" (2.21cm)
Clamp Range Min (Round Tube) 0.51" (1.29cm)
Maximum Working Temperature 158 deg.F
Minimum Working Temperature 14 deg.F
Cable Length 55.12" (140.00cm)
  • Manfrotto 521LX LANC Camcorder Remote Control
  • Carry Pouch

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