Manfrotto 401N Quick Action Strap

Manfrotto 401N Quick Action Strap



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Manfrotto 401N Quick Action Strap

A quick and easy accessory for carrying your tripod when walking, hiking, cycling or just getting from shoot to shoot. Use the shorter straps to fasten the padded 401N to one of the legs of your tripod, bind the remaining legs together using the longer adjustable quick release straps, sliding the tripod over your shoulder and you\'re ready to go, with your hands free to grab those vital last minute items.

The padding helps hold the tripod in place and protects your back from bruises and chaffing. The 401N even stays attached to your tripod when shooting (all you need to do is release the longer quick release straps so you can manoeuvre and position all three legs), so you\'re always ready to capture the images you want, but also always ready to move off again to the next location.


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