MAGIX Entertainment VEGAS Pro 17 Suite (Academic, Download)
MAGIX Entertainment VEGAS Pro 17 Suite (Academic, Download)

MAGIX Entertainment VEGAS Pro 17 Suite (Academic, Download)



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Key Features

  • Includes Large Collection of Plug-Ins
  • 30+ New Features
  • 8K Support and Complete HDR Toolset
  • Planar Motion Tracking, Nested Timelines

Featuring several more advanced plug-in packages than the standard VEGAS Pro 17 version, MAGIX VEGAS Pro 17 Suite provides a highly comprehensive video editing solution that includes many audio and color grading tools. With about 30 new features added to the NLE, VEGAS Pro 17 Suite offers 8K support, a start-to-finish HDR workflow, planar motion tracking, nested timelines, and much more.

VEGAS Pro 17 Suite builds on a long heritage of efficient operation. VEGAS was one of the first NLEs to support different file types on the same timeline without transcoding them, and it has long been known to have a large audio toolset. That's still the case plus there are many more features.

The color grading toolset now includes a new color grading panel with multiple color wheels and improved color curves. Automatic color balance has been added to the color curves tool, allowing you to switch between automatic corrections and manual control. Other color grading features include the ability to color-match clips, supports for S-Log and other advanced color space technologies, and more. Graded settings can be saved and exported as LUTs that can be used in other clips or projects. Additionally, one of the plug-ins included with VEGAS Pro 17 Suite is AutoLooks OFX, which lets you apply various looks to your videos with just a few clicks. Please see the Features section below for the full list of included plug-ins.

VEGAS Pro 17 Suite is Windows-compatible.

Key New Features

Support for 8K Files

Work with 8K video files with auto-generated proxy files to make editing fast and efficient. Take advantage of 8K resolution for a huge amount of freedom in panning, zooming, and cropping your footage without resolution degradation when you deliver to HD or 4K, or deliver 8K for super-high-resolution projects.

HLG HDR Color Support

VEGAS Pro 17 features a start-to-finish workflow for HDR editing. Take advantage of GPU-based open color I/O processing to work in the new ACES 1.1 color standard, including HLG support, HDR color grading, HDR video scopes, internal and external HDR preview, and complete HDR delivery options.

Nested Timelines

Create nested timelines to organize projects and speed up your workflow. Easily move back and forth between nested and the main timeline. Or, access your nested timelines as independent VEGAS projects, so you can share parts of your project for a colleague to work on while you maintain control over the master project.

Optical-Flow Slow Motion

Create even slower, smoother slow motion with native tools built on proprietary optical flow technology that analyzes one frame to the next, afterwards creating intermediary frames between them. The result is smooth slow motion built right into VEGAS Pro 17.

LUT Export

Use your favorite color grading profiles on multiple clips or other projects, or share them with other VEGAS users. Export your settings as LUTs in .cube format and then apply them to other clips and projects as you like.

Planar Motion Tracking

Track and pin objects moving in perspective, like the side of a building seen from an angle.

All Features


  • (New) 8K project support (up to 8192 x 8192)
  • (New) Complete HDR color support
  • (New) Nested timelines
  • (New) Smart split
  • (New) Warp flow transition
  • (New) Optical-flow slow motion
  • (New) Mesh warp
  • (New) Stabilization on event level
  • (New) Freeze motion stabilization option
  • (New) Planar motion tracking
  • (New) Complete Hi DPI scaling
  • (New) Improved picture-in-picture OFX plug-in
  • (New) NVENC 10-bit HEVC rendering
  • (New) ACES 1.1
  • (New) LUT export
  • (New) Improved white balance tool
  • (New) Unified color grading workflow
  • (New) Automatic color balance controls
  • (New) Audio synchronization for multicam
  • Advanced video stabilization
  • Unlimited number of video tracks
  • Crop OFX plug-in
  • High frame rate (HFR) support
  • Project-wide video resample mode setting
  • HEVC import and export
  • Simultaneous video monitoring (local and external monitor)
  • 32-bit float video processing
  • LUT OFX plug-in
  • HD/SD-SDI support
  • Support for gigapixel images
  • CEA-608 closed captioning support
  • Support for multilayer Adobe Photoshop PSD files
  • Multiple compositing modes
  • Group video and audio events script
  • Stereoscopic 3D editing
  • Over 390 video effects
  • Vignette video effect
  • Filters and special effects
  • Color match filter
  • Over 200 2D and 3D video transitions
  • Credit rolls/text animation
  • Media generators
  • HDR video scopes: WFM/vectorscope/parade/histogram
  • Support for 50p and 60p projects
  • -100 to 1,000%
  • Adjustable velocity envelopes
  • Support for Open FX plug-ins
  • Text and titles
  • 3D compositing mode
  • Video track motion (picture in picture)


  • (New) Screen capture
  • VEGAS DVD Architect Blu-ray and DVD Disc authoring software
  • Blu-ray and DVD disc burning from the timeline
  • VEGAS Pro Connect support; mobile companion app
  • Customizable UI (button, window layouts, background color, e.g.)
  • Track grouping
  • Application scripting
  • Configurable timeline clip event headers
  • Advanced project archiving


  • (New) Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6
  • (New) Boris FX Continuum Lights Unit (v2019.5) (includes Lens Flare 3D)
  • (New) Boris FX Continuum Key and Blend Unit (v2019.5)
  • (New) Boris FX Continuum 3D Objects Unit (v2019.5)
  • (New) Lens correction plug-in
  • Bézier masking OFX
  • Professional MAGIX eFX audio plug-ins
  • AutoLooks OFX


  • 35+ audio effects with 5.1 FX
  • 24/192 kHz max bitrate/bit depth
  • CALM Act compliant loudness meters
  • 5.1 surround mixing including film-style panning
  • 5.1 surround and stereo AC-3 encoding
  • Effects package folders
  • VST2 plug-in effect support
  • Audio envelopes
  • ACID loop properties support
  • On-the-fly punch-in recording
  • Tape-style audio scrubbing
  • ASIO driver support
  • Zplane élastique timestretching
  • Auto-input record monitoring
  • DAW bussing functionality
  • Multiple record takes
  • Red Book Audio CD mastering/burning

Editing and Media Management

  • (New) Temporarily ignore event grouping when moving event
  • (New) Display event length on event
  • (New) Delete track warning
  • (New) Visualize stabilization motion tracks
  • (New) Media FX indicator on event
  • (New) Notes Window
  • (New) Proxy workflow with support for 8K files
  • (New) Confirmation for cancel a render
  • (New) Automatic slideshow creator
  • Dynamic storyboard and timeline interaction
  • Project media hover scrub
  • Project media in/out points
  • Resizable project media thumbnails
  • Preview multiple selected project media files
  • Add files in bin to timeline
  • Extensive backup file options
  • Close gaps between events
  • Select events from cursor
  • Automatic subtitle creation from file or regions
  • Add missing stream
  • Instant freeze frame creation
  • Selectively paste event attributes
  • Project interchange
  • Cursor object snapping across events and timeline
  • Envelope brush painting
  • Envelope automation recording
  • Keyboard trimming and event shuffling
  • Tape-style audio scrubbing
  • Project nesting
  • A/V synchronization detection and repair
  • Real-time event reverse
  • Dynamic RAM preview

Hardware / Capture / Export

  • (New) GPU-accelerated decoding for AVC and HEVC
  • (New) Hardware-accelerated lossless intermediate format
  • Intel QSV support
  • External control surface support
  • AJA Io Express, KONA 3x, LH, LHe, LHi, LS, and LSe support (digital only) GPU hardware acceleration
  • Blackmagic Design HD Extreme/Extreme 3D/Intensity Pro support (digital only)
  • Smart Render

Supported GPUs


For hardware rendering (NVEnc): NVIDIA GeForce 9XX series or higher with 4 GB


AMD/ATI Radeon with 4 GB and VCE 3.0 or higher (Radeon Pro series with 8 GB for HDR and 32 bit projects)


Intel GPU HD Graphics 530 series or higher

Supported Formats

Video Import


Audio Import

AIF, AAC, MP2, MP3, M4A, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, WMA, FLAC

Image Import


Other Import Formats

AAF, Premiere/After Effects (.prproj), Final Cut Pro 7/ DaVinci Resolve (.xml), Final Cut Pro X (.fcpxml), EDL Text File (.txt), Broadcast Wave Format, DVD Camcorder Disc, Closed Captioning

Video Export

HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MAGIX Intermediate, Sony XAVC-S, Sony XAVC, Sony MXF, Sony HDCAM SR, Panasonic P2, XDCAM EX

Audio Export

AIF, AAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, WMA, FLAC

Image Export


Other Export Formats

VEGAS Project Archive (.veg, .vf), Pro Tools AAF File (.aaf), Media Composer AAF File (.aaf), Premiere/After Effects (.prproj), Final Cut Pro 7/DaVinci Resolve (.xml), Final Cut Pro X (.fcpxml), EDL Text File (.txt), XDCAM Disc
Delivery Method Download
License Type Academic, Standard
License Length Perpetual License
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems Windows 10
Memory Requirement 8 GB (16 GB Recommended)
Storage Requirement 1.5 GB
CPU Requirement 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 Quad-Core and Faster or 
2.5 GHz AMD Quad-Core and Faster  
Supported Languages Dutch

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MAGIX Entertainment VEGAS Pro 17 Suite (Academic, Download)
Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
MAGIX Entertainment VEGAS Pro 17 Suite (Academic, Download)