MAGIX Entertainment Music Maker 2014 Premium - Music Creation Software (Download)
MAGIX Entertainment Music Maker 2014 Premium - Music Creation Software (Download)

MAGIX Entertainment Music Maker 2014 Premium - Music Creation Software (Download)



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Key Features

  • Drag and Drop Loops to Create Songs
  • More than 5,000 Sounds and Loops
  • Record Vocals and Instruments
  • Includes Virtual Instruments and Effects
  • Mix with Unlimited Tracks
  • Mastering Tools
  • Create Remixes
  • VST Support
  • Burn to CD or Share to Social Media
  • Windows

Music Maker 2014 Premium from MAGIX Entertainment is software that can be the perfect introduction to the world of music production. It allows for simply combining loops, adding studio effects and recording your own vocals and instruments. The program's intuitive, helping to turn your ideas into professional sounding tracks in no time.

The Premium version offers more instruments, sounds and an expanded functionality including studio effects, 5.1 surround sound mixing and advanced mastering tools. Your tracks can be further enhanced thanks to the new Auto Mastering function. The new Vocal Tune feature makes it easy to correct any imperfections in vocal recordings.

MX is a protocol that allows fast exchange of media with other MAGIX programs (sold separately), online services, and mobile devices. You can upload your songs directly to social networks, import your own songs from the Music Maker Jam app, transfer projects to the feature rich Samplitude Music Studio, optimize tracks by importing into the Audio Cleaning Lab, and create soundtracks for Movie Edit Pro.

What's New

New Sounds
  • Over 5000 new loops and sounds from the genres of rock pop, hip hop, dance, techno, chillout, dubstep, house, metal, electro and movie score
  • All samples can be combined with each other and with other melodies
  • Samples adjust automatically to the current song tempo, ensuring that you're always in time with the beat
  • DN-e1 virtual analog synthesizer generates thick, dynamic sounds quickly and easily
  • New Vita Solo Instruments include guitar, electric piano, brass and organs
  • Power Guitar with its energetic guitar riffs is the perfect addition to any rock or pop project
  • Electric Piano is a multifaceted instrument for creating dynamic keyboard arrangements with an organic feel, whether soft and warm or distorted and aggressive
  • Pop Brass provides modern horn sounds recorded by professional session musicians in a world-class studio and includes trombones, trumpets, saxophones, and more in a wide range of playing styles
  • Vintage Organ captures the authentic classic organ sounds of the 60's and 70's
  • Vocal Tune
  • Tool for editing pitch
  • Offers convenient control and guarantees reliable correction of off-key notes in vocal recordings or from solo instruments while maintaining the natural sound character
  • Master
    • Mastering Suite 4 provides a professional platform for editing your music
    • The parametric 6-band equalizer is perfect for rounding out the frequency response in your productions
    • StereoFX module expands the width of the stereo image
    • MultiMax multiband compressor/limiter adds a smooth, warm sound
    Pitch Wizard
  • Helps you to choose the right pitch for your project
  • Makes it easy for you to keep the harmonies in tune even if you don't have the musical know-how
  • Other
    • Recording function has been reworked and simplified for a faster and more intuitive workflow
    • Record your vocals or instruments like guitar, bass or keyboard on one track and move on to the next track with ease when you're finished
    • Import your own songs from the Music Maker Jam app (not included) on your Windows 8 tablet or similar device and edit them in MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium


    Record and Virtual Instruments
    • Create your own songs by combining loops using drag and drop
    • Vandal SE guitar and bass amplifier with effects
    • Vita 2 sample player is the easiest way to create instruments using a wide range of integrated filters and effects like delay, reverb, and a tube distortion section
    • Beat Box 2 drum machine is ideal for creating beats and grooves with dynamic drum kits, effects, and more
    • Drum Engine allows you to create everything from modern drum kits to vintage drum sounds
    • Jazz Drums with the realistic sound of the jazz brushes, tom toms, ride cymbals, and hi-hats
    • Integrated MIDI Editor for creating your own melodies using virtual instruments or easily changing existing ones (you can easily write notes using the mouse even without previous musical knowledge)
    • VST support for extra instruments and effects
    • Integrated mixer and studio-quality effects including EQ, reverb, and delay
    • Mix and export your own songs and albums in 5.1 surround sound
    • With the essentialFX effects series, any sound or loop can be changed quickly and easily
    • Includes Vintage Effects Suite with presets
    • Take your favorite songs from TV and radio and change them any way you want to make your own remixes
    • Remix Agent and the Remix Maker are great for determining BPM, creating loops and developing new combinations
    • Loop Designer provides options for remixing your own loops - change the rhythm, apply filters, reverse it or use the randomize feature to let the program remix it for you
    • Add music videos and dub them yourself - simply import video clips, create your own songs to accompany them and export everything, or publish it online
    • Export your own songs in different formats such as MP3, WAV, etc., and burn them directly to disc
    • Easily share your songs with friends on social media with the integrated upload feature
    System Requirements 2 GHz or higher processor
    Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    1 GB RAM (2 GB Recommended)
    Onboard graphics card with a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768
    Internal sound card
    9 GB free disk space for program installation
    Requires an Internet connection for download and software activation

    Optional CD/DVD±R(W) for burning CD/DVDs
    Optional MP3 export with Windows Media Player 10 or higher
    Supported Formats Import
    Audio: WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, QuickTime, MIDI, CD-A, FLAC
    Image: JPG, BMP
    Video: AVI, WMV, MXV

    Audio: WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, QuickTime, MIDI, FLAC
    Image: JPG, BMP
    Video : AVI, WMV, MXV
     MAGIX Entertainment Music Maker 2014 Premium - Music Creation Software (Download)

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