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     LUNA OPTICS was founded in January of 2006 by a small group of professionals eager to utilize our vast expertise in the night vision industry in a way that really benefits you – the consumer. Our goal has always been to offer the best performing product with honest and truthful specifications and at the most reasonable price.

Today, after 18 years, we continue to reinvent the market by bringing the most advanced performing products yet.

Every one of our night vision models can now work safely 24/7, daytime or nighttime and offer features that were unheard of in traditional "tube" night vision, such as video recording, still image capture and Wi-Fi connectivity, just to name a few.

Our Digital Day/Night Technology Products have revolutionized the night vision market in 2020 with the introduction of the G3 imaging sensors providing unmatched HD experience combined with superb nighttime sensitivity and true long-distance viewing. In partnership with some of the premier parts manufacturers in USA, Europe and Japan, we were first to offer innovative AMOLED-Q Quad Pixel High-Definition displays, now standard on our every digital model, providing an unrivaled direct-view experience. In 2021 we introduced our first Quad-HD image sensor in the LN-G3-B50 binoculars, and, as of January 1st, 2024, every G3 model now ships with Quad-HD sensor standard. We now have 9 different G3 models in our assortment from compact monoculars to binoculars to dedicated riflescopes.

In 2024 we are once again leading the market with brand-new QUANTUM DIGITAL (QD) Image Sensor, which, for the first time in the history of digital night vision, features Total Darkness Technology, allowing it to operate in near zero light condition without the use of IR illuminator – something that, up until now was only possible with traditional Gen-3 intensifier tube products. Now, there is no longer a need to compromise when choosing a night vision device – it is now possible to see in total darkness and in bright sunshine without risk of damaging the tube and add all the great features that come with the digital technology, such as video recording, still image capture, Wi-Fi connectivity, image zoom and many more. All of this is now possible and still at a fraction of traditional Gen-3 intensifier tube technology cost. Our very first entry into this exciting technology, model LN-QD-B50 binocular is scheduled for production by Summer of this year.

Our new 2024 Digital Tactical Day/Night Monocular (model LN-DTM1) opens up new possibilities of hands-free operation day or night and it comes standard with helmet mounting gear.

We continue our line of compact laser rangefinders this year, with a mission to provide excellent optical clarity together with the opportunity to range your targets quickly and reliably up to 2400yds!

Finally, our thermal imaging devices, sold under Full Moon Optics brand name, have undergone extensive redesign and offer a plethora of unique capabilities in the field, such as the ability to reliably range the target distance and instantly optimize the picture according to the rapidly changing atmospheric conditions and humidity levels, allowing user to reliably see, identify and range their targets day or night and in any environment. For 2024, we are adding new and unique features, such as auto-ballistics, allowing for reticle correction based on the distance and caliber, increased laser rangefinder distance (up to 1960yds!) and we have redesigned the power supply now featuring just a single commercially available 26650 rechargeable battery, which powers the device up to 7hrs and can easily be replaced in the field. We hope you join the club of the most discerning and demanding professionals worldwide, who trust our thermal products.

The night vision market has been constantly evolving and trying on new technologies and features. Some benefit consumers greatly, others are pure gimmicks that are rarely, if ever, used in real life. We separate the substance from empty and improve on the features that are important. Our 2024 products reflect this endeavor, and we are continuously updating and improving our products, including listening to you, our valued customers and trying to implement your suggestions and wishes into our devices. We welcome you to try our products and see the difference for yourself.

Join us and experience The Quality You Can See…Even in the Dark!®

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import Luna Optics LN-G3-B50-PRO 6.5-39x50 Gen 3 Digital Day / Night Vision Binocular
Luna Optics LN-G3-B50-PRO 6.5-39x50 Gen 3 Digital Day / Night Vision Binocular
Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
import Luna Optics LN-G3-B50 6-36x50 Gen 3 Digital Day / Night Vision Binocular
Luna Optics LN-G3-B50 6-36x50 Gen 3 Digital Day / Night Vision Binocular
SSK # LN-G3-B50
Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
import Luna Optics LN-G3-MS50 6-36x50 Gen 3 Digital Day / Night Vision Monocular/Riflescope
Luna Optics LN-G3-MS50 6-36x50 Gen 3 Digital Day / Night Vision Monocular/Riflescope
SSK # LN-G3-MS50
Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier