LumiQuest Compact Gel Holder (LQ-121S)

LumiQuest Compact Gel Holder (LQ-121S)


SSK # LQ-121S

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Key Features

  • Compatible with Rosco Strobist 55-Piece Filter Kit

LumiQuest Compact Gel Holder (LQ-121S)

Tired of taping and untaping little pieces of colored gel to your on-camera flash? The Lumiquest FXtra Compact Gel Holder is designed to hold small (approximately 1x3") gel color filters (like the ones in Rosco's Strobist 55-Piece Filter Kit) used with any small speedlight/portable flash/on-camera flash.
The FXtra mounts to almost any portable flash (excluding the Vivitar 285, which has its own built-in gel slot) using the included hook-and-loop fasteners, and passes the fastener through to the outside, so you can use another light modifier outside of the gel holder, if you want. A pocket to store your gels with the flash when you're not using them is included. Small is beautiful, sometimes.

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