Lowepro DryZone 200 Backpack (Yellow)
Lowepro DryZone 200 Backpack (Yellow)

Lowepro DryZone 200 Backpack (Yellow)



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Yet another Lowepro® innovation, the revolutionary new DryZone 200 is the first soft-sided camera backpack that's completely waterproof. The DryZone 200 holds a variety of systems and if it falls into the water (with the zipper closed, of course) this unique backpack floats -- even fully loaded.


  • waterproof case with a hi-tech TIZIP zipper for water-tight protection
  • inner zip and top clip for easy access while away from water
  • heavy-duty camera compartment, completely customizable for a variety of systems
  • ergonomic, fully adjustable backpack harness includes an adjustable padded waistbelt, CollarCut shoulder straps, lumbar support, DryFlo mesh-covered padding and load adjustment straps
  • tuck-away tripod holder designed for optimum balance
  • self-draining outer mesh pockets and generous inner mesh pockets
  • attachment loops for optional SlipLock add-ons
  • includes rubber handle
xternal Dimensions14.5W x 11.5D x 25H in. (37 x 29 x 63.5 cm)
Internal Dimensions12W x 6D x 17H in. (30.5 x 15 x 43 cm)
Materialwaterproof plastic-coated nylon
Capacitylarge 35mm or digital pro SLR; 4 - 5 lenses (up to a 300mm f/2.8, with hood reversed), flash and accessories; or compact medium format system (like the Mamiya® 645); or small field camera system; or professional video system
7.39 lbs (3.35kg)
Lowepro DryZone 200 Backpack (Yellow)

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Lowepro DryZone 200 Backpack (Yellow)
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Lowepro DryZone 200 Backpack (Yellow)

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