Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (60x130cm)
Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (60x130cm)

Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (60x130cm)



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Key Features

B Series photo tables offer a wide platform for taking product photography or macro photography.

Pictures taken with the photo tables can be easily removed of their backgrounds in any photo-editing software.

Backgrounds of different colors can be placed onto the table and clipped firm

This high quality shooting table provides you with a purpose designed photographic translucent shooting table for your online auctions or product catalogue photographs.

The table makes it possible to capture images that are web-ready with a pure white background.

The acrylic sheet is purpose designed to be a non reflective neutral so as not to cause reflections on your products. The kit includes the built in clips for mounting the acrylic sheet to the frame so you can erect this kit in a few seconds - literally.

With your lighting positioned above and below the table photographs can be taken with the elimination of the shadow which normally forms under the object without this type of table so images can have a pure white background ready for web use. Its large 60 x 130cm opaque white acrylic shooting surface is curved at the middle to create a seamless background.

Made from lightweight steel, the strong table frame can support a wide range of objects and is lightweight enough to be easily transported.

Plastic Board: 60 x 130cm

Platform Height: 48cm

Length: 102cm

Width: 60cm

Poles: 13 x 13mm


Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (60x130cm)

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Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (60x130cm)
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (60x130cm)