Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (100x200cm)
Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (100x200cm)

Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (100x200cm)


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Key Features

B Series photo tables offer a wide platform for taking product photography or macro photography.

Pictures taken with the photo tables can be easily removed of their backgrounds in any photo-editing software.

Backgrounds of different colors can be placed onto the table and clipped firm

The Linkstar shooting table is a table designed for product photography. The table is build from an aluminium frame and has no tubes at the bottom which are in the way when photographing. The worktop is curved down at the front so you'll never photograph the frame.

The shooting table is ideal for shadow-free pictures because there is enough space at the bottom for placing a continuous lamp or flash unit. The back of the table can be adjusted so you can choose an angle of between 90 up to 180 degrees. The rounding in the worktop to the back ensures that there is no visible transition between surface and background.

With the supplied tube clamps with spigot you can mount a continuous lamp or studio flash unit on various places at the bottom.


Plastic Board
 100 x 200cm 
Platform Height
Length 180cm
Width 100cm
Poles Ø25mm


Linkstar Photo Shotting Table (100 x 200cm)

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Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (100x200cm)
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Linkstar Photo Shooting Table (100x200cm)

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