Lenspen Standard Original for Cleaning Lenses (New Improved Version)
Lenspen Standard Original for Cleaning Lenses (New Improved Version)

Lenspen Standard Original for Cleaning Lenses (New Improved Version)



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Key Features

  • Cleans Lenses, Eyepieces, Scopes, & More
  • Concave Cleaning Tip for Better Fit
  • Retractable Dust-Removal Brush
  • Long-Lasting Non-Liquid Cleaning Element
  • Safe and Easy to Use

New Improved Version!

  • Long Life (500+ Cleaning!)
  • Safe on All Lenses
  • No Liquid

Buy only the original Lenspen from ShaShinKi! Imitate / fake lenspen has oil on the surface and might risk dirtying and scratching your lens!

The Original LENSPEN from Parkside Products Inc.!

A superb new tool in optical lens cleaning technology.

Perfect for cleaning binocular lenses, small aperture spotting scopes and telescopes, eyepieces, and other optical items. Comes with a handy retractable dust removal brush and a special non-liquid cleaning element, designed to never dry out. Safe and very easy to use.

Protect your investment, get only the ORIGINAL LENSPEN!


Is Lenspen environmentally friendly?
Yes! LensPen requires no solvents and, unlike lens tissues, creates no waste.

Can LensPen help reduce static charge?
Independent lab tests confirm that LensPen will substantially reduce the amount of electrostatic charge on the lens surface. This feature is important, as electrostatic charge attracts dust and causes it to adhere to lenses.

Is Lenspen safe for all lenses?
Absolutely. The cleaning tip of LensPen consists of the softest suitable materials, and is assembled in a "clean room" environment. This assures that the cleaning tip is free of any unwanted substances. Independent lab tests confirm that LensPen is safe for all lenses and lens coatings even after prolonged use. In fact, microscopic photographs show that unlike other systems, LensPen is absolutely safe for all your lenses. Moreover, the unique cap of LensPen is also designed to keep the cleaning tip protected while not in use.

Why does LensPen leave a black mark on my finger, but not on the lens?

LensPen's cleaning compound is carbon based, similar to a pencil lead. It leaves black marks on all surfaces which are not very, very smooth.

Can I trust Lenspen?
Extensive testing of LensPen on expensive lenses and lens coatings has proven that the cleaning compound is safe to all lenses and coatings. The test results are available to you. They're about 17 pages in total. Further, LensPen has been purchased by Minolta, Polaroid, Fuji, Carl Zeiss, and many other customers concerned with quality. These customers wouldn't have considered purchasing LensPen without testing and verifying on their own.

Will Lenspen clean eyeglasses?
Technically, the process works fine. The problems revolve around ergonomics and the fact that eyeglass lenses get very dirty and have both convex and concave surfaces. Its unwieldy to use in its current form.

How long will LensPen last?
This depends on how dirty the lens is and what type of contaminant is present. LensPen was tested by removing 500 fingerprints in a row from a lens with no discernible loss of cleaning quality.

Why do LensPen and MiniPro leave a residue on my lenses after I clean them?
Excess cleaning compound might be left on the lens after cleaning. If this occurs, pat the tip on a clean chamois or a clean soft cloth to remove the excess compound from the cleaning tip. Pressurized air or a "blower brush" will also work to blow off any excess compound on the lens.

What is the difference between Lenspen and MiniPro?
MiniPro is specially designed for smaller optical lenses. As you can see by the actual cleaning sizes, MiniPro's tip can reach very small areas around the lens surface.

Sizing recommendations - Which Lenspen is good for what lens?
Lenspen is recommended for lenses 13mm in diameter and higher. MiniPro is recommended for lenses between 7mm - 13mm


How to use?
Visit http://www.lenspen.com/403 on instruction of using LensPen.
Cleaning-Tip Shape Round, Concave
Cleaning-Tip Diameter 0.47" (12 mm)
Length 4.3" (11 cm)
Weight 5 oz. (141.7 g)
Lenspen Standard Original for Cleaning Lenses (New Improved Version)

Reviews Lenspen Standard Original for Cleaning Lenses (New Improved Version)

A must have cleaning tool for your lens! Lenspen is better than any other cleaning tools in the market. Your lens surface can be wipe till perfect like new! Normally when using lens tissue + liquid, there will still be some water mark leftover. With lenspen, you can wipe till perfectly clean with no mark. Wipe in a circular motion from center till edges. Discard and change to a new lenspen when the tip becomes shinny (when the soft tip cloth type wears out).
Muhammad Syazwan
Reasonable price and top notch quality for clean all camera lenses including smartphones and action camera
New version has better ergonomic and clean as good as first version. It has better form factor compare to previous one. Thumbs up!
I used this to clean my filter lens, was expecting better cleaning results especially when cleaning smudges.
Very versatile and must have for any photographer in the field. gets rid of dust and oil smudges from lens surface quick and easy.
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